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Different Hairstyles for Maang Teekas

In this blog post we marry the two most important elements when dressing up for an Indian wedding – hairstyles and maang teekas. Getting a look right is always about the intricate details and these factors contribute significantly to your turnout. As the wedding season is on in full swing and with all the invites brightening up your mailboxes, some styling inspiration is a pleasure. Zariin’s maang teekas have been the accessory flavour of the season which inspired us to create a hairstyle guide for you – a look to try for every wedding that you attend with this wedding accessory in focus. Get your hair game on and make an impact because your hairstyle does have a big role to play when it comes to your final look and the maang teekas conclude it for you spelling wedding and all the statement making you need. Talking dress up like no other, this is the accessory of the moment. We decode different hairstyles for maang teekas: 

Loose Waves

A girl-next-door kind of a vibe, this hairstyle has an easy vibe and a soft touch. The cascading loose curls in open hair work wonderfully with Indian outfits. To celebrate the maang teeka in the look, the stylist gives a middle parting for it to sit, pinning the hair back to the sides spelling simplicity. Not only is the look oh-so-effective but also one of the the easiest ones to achieve and a quick fix to glamour dressing. The easiest way to achieve this is by rolling your damp hair in a tight bun a night before to achieve the easy waves. Smear the hair with a mouse for the right texture and combating frizz. Finish the look by pinning accordingly.

Fishtail Braid

For a dressy and effective approach, opt for a fishtail braid in a side swept style. Feminine and statement in its own way, the hairstyle is dressed to perfection with a striking maang teeka. The hairstyle is well suited option for a mehendi look. To achieve this look you need to find out a braid expert in your group, visit a hairstylist or YouTube your way to practice and styling.

Tight Curls

For a style with an effort, opt for a look that captures the striking tone of tight curls. A refreshing change for anybody with straight hair, the look is well structured with tight rolls. The stylist enhances the look with a well crafted puff on top along with an alluring maang teeka. Ladies, you need the right tools to achieve this look which definitely includes a curling iron and lots of setting spray.

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