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Real Women – Vidhi Jatia

Stepping into the new year with our latest post from our real women series. The lady in focus is Vidhi Jatia, CEO and director, Charmaine. Charmaine is a personality development company now extending its services to events. It is Vidhi’s endeavor to create her own identity as a businesswoman and not limiting herself to the family hotel business – Hyatt Regency Delhi. This spirit makes her the perfect subject for our real women series. Another interesting dimension to her personality is her two city connection. Vidhi was born and brought up in London and has eventually moved to Delhi after getting married. A delve into a few questions to know Vidhi better.
Our real women series, is a lot about the personal style of our muse. We decode Vidhi’s personal style with a variant of three looks – subtle pastels in Indian, a bright happy dress and smart casual.

Vidhi Jatia

Vidhi Jatia - Charmaine

1. Tell us about your work and Charmaine.
Charmaine Personality Development was launched in 2012. Charmaine aimed at young girls and ladies who want to learn about etiquette, social and communication skills, table manners, dining etiquette, grooming, hair and make-up, fashion styling as well as image consulting, nutrition, wine and cheese pairing, cooking and plating dishes, cocktail making etc… the list goes on.

2. What are the different aspects that you cover with your workshops and how are they relevant to the ladies who are a part of it.
Charmaine is associated with Hyatt Regency New Delhi. Hyatt’s worldwide top chefs teaching the workshops.In 2015, Charmaine dipped its fingers into children’s workshops like Halloween carnivals, summer camps and kids Zumba classes etc. Now Charmaine so does birthday parties, baby shower and special customised events for couples. Charmaine gives you everything you want from confidence building workshops to a one stop event house.

3. Spell out a usual day at work.
A usual day at work starts after I have spent some time with my 2 and half year old son when he comes from nursery school.
I reach my office in Hyatt at 2PM. My assistant Sonali Barthawal comes into my office and we do a briefing on the week’s schedule. We have associations with various companies such as Party Hunterz. We speak to them to find out the latest and to tell them what birthday party themes we are doing .We also have an association with International School of etiquette so we talk to them to keep updated with the latest in image consulting etc…and how we can implement the classes in Hyatt.
Sonali will start calling up people in our database to inform them on the workshops we are doing this month and booking slots for them. We make a yearly plan with what are the famous celebratory days in the year and how we can create some interesting workshops related to them for example Valentine’s day, Children’s day, Christmas etc. We have a cooking or baking class every weekend so we make a menu prior and send it to the database which Sonali follows up.

Vidhi Jatia Personality Development

Vidhi Jatia

Vidhi Jatia


4. Born and raised in London, and living in both the cities, how do you get the best of both worlds?
I love the outdoors and travelling. London has great clean air so I love going to the parks there and being a fitness buff. I love running and working out in the bright sunshine. London being so centrally connected we travel all over Europe and take short trips and explore. I love driving in London and feeling independent. It is a great city. Delhi on the other hand is also amazing socially, culturally and the luxurious life is just simply amazing.

5. You believe strongly about fitness. What are some of the fun projects you are working with in this field?
Yes, my husband and I love fitness. While living in London I do hot yoga, functional workouts like TRX, spinning , pilates, barre and Zumba. Being so much in love with all these workouts, I am planning to launch my own fitness studio at Hyatt in 2018. A quick easy way to stay fit when you don’t have too much time. The idea is to create group classes in an efficient manner.

Vidhi Jatia Zariin Jewellery


6. Describe your personal style.
My personal style I believe would be sophisticated chic. I love dressing up and being up to date with the latest trends. In India, in the summer, I adore wearing my Indian wear in the daytime and in the evening, I love dressing in my dresses and heels. In London I love wearing my boots and jackets. I absolutely love to accessorize and my make-up is a must.

7. Your relationship with jewelry?
My relationship with jewelry is a very old one. Since I was 6 years old, I loved wearing artificial jewelry and matching my clothes accordingly. My father would travel all over the world and buy me earrings, neck pieces and my favourite was Swarovski. Now, whenever I travel anywhere, I pick up interesting neck pieces and earrings like for example from Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Venice, Barcelona etc.

8. What kind of jewelry do you wear to work?
To work I usually wear my solitaire earrings, my diamond ring and interesting bold neck pieces to match with my shirts and trousers. My bracelets are usually chunky but modern.


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