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Dress Me Up – A Personal Note by Mamta Gupta

I spent my entire college with a closet comprising 2 pairs of denims and a few track pants. Even for the Convocation ceremony at my Masters program when I was the chosen Graduate Speaker, I had no make up on. Without perhaps even being aware of it, I had subconsciously made a choice- to value intellect over appearance. That if I spent time upgrading my closet, or learnt a few strokes of a make up brush, I was betraying my perspicacity! But is that really true? Is dressing up and being intelligent really mutually exclusive, and as women, do we need to make a choice between the two? According to Zariin’s Instagram survey in January 2018, a whopping 68% of survey takers (all women) voted yes to, “Do you think the society questions a woman’s intelligence if she believes in dressing up?” That is in itself a very telling insight about what is going on behind the scenes of our everyday sartorial choices.

Fast forward to many years later. A woman well into my 30s, co-founder of a jewelry label that sells through some of the most luxurious stores worldwide, a single mom who starts her day with an invigorating 5K run, drops her kid to school, and braces her day with gusto, or not. But one thing is for sure- I dress up or dress down, based on my own proclivity or mood, free of the fear of judgement of others.

Wanting to dress up is a choice. Not wanting to dress up is also a choice. And that choice should be independent of judgements, or stereotypes. Wearing a red lipper and mascara, or high heels, does not take away from your intelligence, or make you appear shallow. If a piece of jewelry, smokey eyes, or getting your hair a blow dry on a bad hair day, gives you a feel good factor, then why do we women need to analyse that under the patriarchal lens that always seems to lay down the code of conduct for every decision in our life?

Launching Zariin’s Gold Blooms- a collection that we created for our #dressmeup moments. The all gold pieces easily translate into styling options with unlimited possibilities. Each piece comes with a hard to miss character, glamorizing everyday situations and equally justifying occasion wear.

Design-wise, the collection finds inspiration in floral motifs, art-deco detailing and the lustre of 22 kt gold. Chunky rings, striking necklaces, contemporary maang teekas, an eclectic haath phool and oversized earrings are the main players of the collection. Each piece has the capability of seamlessly fitting into multi-dimensional aesthetics of the modern wardrobes – be it an LBD or the treasured hand-looms.

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