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Modern Indian Jewelry -The Design Story of Indus Roots

Taking inspiration from the wearer herself, Zariin introduces a collection of modern Indian jewelry which is a fusion of aesthetics. The woman of now is well travelled, has an eye for detail and her experiences reflect in her personal style. Rooted to where she belongs – she’s global and free spirited in her outlook. But at the same time, the anchor to her roots is both steadfast and sublime. She wills to go with the flow, takes risks with resolute and charm – the world is her oyster, yet she wears her identity with pride. She’s raring to blossom and spreads her wings wider, but is rooted deep within. It’s this ideology that lends the name to our collection – Indus Roots. A collection defining what modern Indian jewelry can be.




modern pearls



modern jewelry

modern spin to age old crafts


India has an ancient legacy of handicraft which is pure luxury in the era of industrialization. These handicrafts have stood the test of time and are reflective of a strong ethnic roots and cultural moods of people even today. Modern Indian fashion is very much rooted in ancient design aesthetics that have passed through generations. What we are seeing today around us is a strong fashion movement where the saree is as relevant as ever just that women are now pairing it with shirts and t-shirts, khaadi is irreplaceable and minimalism is now distinctively surfacing in Indian sartorial approaches indicating the mix modern sartorial choices in India are. The movement is something we must be very proud of as finally the spirit of imitating the west has been taken over by celebrating native crafts which are essentially unique, exclusive and dignified. The point is that Indian fashion crafts, be it clothes or jewelry are not being replaced only redefined. Zariin does exactly that with its Indus Roots collection – redefine. It is this redefinition that justifies the name of the collection.

The Indus Roots collection is in sync with current fashion movement in India that is focused on a modern spin to age old crafts. Each piece can be defined as understated elegance – a subtle mix of aesthetics, the collection captures floral vines inspired by the very vintage French toile and legacy of pearls. The modern jewelry is impactful but not overbearing.

modern indian fashion

modern jewelry inspired by french toile and legacy of pearls


Naturally, for the campaign for this modern Indian jewelry collection we took a similar route sartorially as well. The jewelry has been styled with fluid outfits crafted of hand-spun cotton.

We can conclude by saying that the design movement in India, is finally realising its potential and therefore offering something distinctively Indian to the world and being happily consumed.

Stylist – Jahnvi Bansal
Photography – Swati Singh Chauhan
Make Up & Hair – Leeview
Outfits – Itr by Khyati Pande
Model – Rodali Dutta

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