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Ever left a piece of jewelry at a hotel room? A quick Google research revealed that jewelry is one of the most common things to be left behind by travellers. Fine jewelry has an irreplaceable charm but the investment that they are in terms of monetary and emotional, make them come with a responsibility of keeping them safe. We’ve personally known someone who left their precious pair of solitaire earrings at a hotel in London and had to move half the world to get them back safely. Eight years since its inception, we at Zariin know that one of the most popular selling factors for our jewelry is the fact that these make perfect travel jewelry.

Comfort and style are two key points of travel dressing and the same applies to travel jewelry. You should be comfortable with the pieces you take without compromising on style. What you are looking for in travel jewelry are quality pieces, stylish, statement, conversation starters but priced well that eases the idea of travelling with them. Zariin jewelry is crafted of brass which makes this work. Each piece is dipped in 22kt gold to give it a sophisticated edge and a feel good factor with one of a kind semi-precious stones. We covered a myriad of aesthetics with our range to keep you well accessorised and jewelled up- be it a beach holiday, destination wedding, a work trip or a spiritual retreat. There’s jewelry for every vacation story.

With Summer 2018 kicking in and as most of us are excitedly figuring out the itineraries – we decode five kind of holidays where Zariin fits in as the perfect travel jewelry.

travel jewelry for beach holiday

ABSOLUTE – New Additions coming soon on Zariin!

travel jewelry for mountain retreat

BOSS LADY & ABSOLUTE- New Collections coming soon on Zariin!

travel jewelry for bohemian desert safari


travel jewelry for hiking

ABSOLUTE – New Additions coming soon on Zariin!

travel jewelry for wellness retreat


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