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Minimalism in Indian Fashion

Minimalism is a fairly new concept to India especially when it comes to dressing up. It is not only a lifestyle choice but can translate into your personal style as well. Fashion in India has always been larger than life with a certain grandeur, bright colours and dramatic crafts that dominate it. However, a very global approach to dressing up has seeped into the world of wearable fashion owing to the changing roles of women who are going beyond their homes to rule the world out there. Practicality in dressing up is becoming a norm which is largely characterised by minimalism with the need for professionally acceptable sartorial choices which is also sometimes reflected in their lifestyle. Minimalism today is relevant more than ever and we see it dominating mostly our office wardrobes.

So whether you have mastered the art of minimalism or are a recent adapter of this school of dressing, you’d love to go through this fun list that the Zariin team has worked on at a brainstorming session at our headquarters.


minimalism in fashion


minimalism in jewelry


• We have come to the conclusion, that minimalism may be a lifestyle choice or just a mood. For most of us here in India, it is mostly a mood when it comes to dressing up.
• Minimal does not mean boring.
• A minimalist’s wardrobe is ruled by monochromatic colours supported by BLACK, blues, greys, blush pink and beiges. Oh, did we mention BLACK?
• A minimalist loves stripes.
• A minimalist loves to play with fit and anti-fit.
• Quality over quantity. A minimalist mostly believes in few items of clothing but versatile key pieces with endless sartorial possibilities.
• Less is more – the motto!
• A minimalist looks at every buy as an investment.
• Minimalists believe in de-cluttered closets. (Most of us may be on verge of losing the minimalist title at this point!) Get rid of what has not been used by you in a long time. Chances are it never will.
• A minimalist believes in a curated wardrobe. Always creates a wish list and seldom believes in impulse buying. It’s all planned in their world.
• Accessories and jewelry is important even for a minimalist. Simple, classic and ever lasting pieces of jewelry rule their limited collection.

If you could relate to the above points we’d love to hear from you as we are working hard on launching a new collection for all the minimalist souls out there! Coming soon – Absolute 2.0

minimal collection absolute

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