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Scarves and Jewelry – Accessories We Love!

Jewelry is our first love but off late there’s another accessory that’s been ruling our wardrobe which we have realised further enhances our look and the jewelry that we adorn – scarves. This piece of cloth is so versatile and the versatility goes way beyond fashion. We see it all around us and in all the forms. The use of a scarf goes beyond cultures and is deep rooted in sartorial history. It’s a simple piece of cloth that makes such a stylish difference to any outfit. And like jewelry, we take equal pride in our scarves collection sourced from all over the world from all our travels. It’s the simplest way to update a regular outfit and comes with a certain sense of comfort. The accessory always lends that final finishing touch to any outfit that you wear.

We list a few reasons we love this accessory so much-

Textile & Prints
If you are a textile lover, scarves are one great way to enjoy different weaving crafts. From sophisticated cashmere, delicate silk, the humble cotton and bold prints – scarves come in just so many forms. There’s a scarf for every occasion and every season.

Draping your scarf is an art. The same piece can be used in so many ways imparting a new look with every drape. This is a great way to get creative with your outfit. One of the most common ways of draping is the necklace form.





All Weather Accessory
Your outfits will fade but scarves will always last as this fashion accessory goes beyond outfits and seasons. A scarf can be used to cosy up in the winters and the same accessory comes to your rescue in the summers to take cover.

The It Bag Accessory
One of the most convenient ways to add a scarf to your look is by knotting it to your bag. A perfect way to coordinate your entire look and when you don’t want to wear it on you. This adds a new life to your bag.

Simplest way to add a modest touch to your look –whatever it may be is a scarf. Adds a sense of formal to your business outfits. Also, comes in handy, for various cultural and social requirements.





A scarf brings focus to your face and therefore highlighting your jewelry as well.

Here’s to the power of accessories and what they do to our dressing up stories!

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