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Summer Makeup Looks with Zariin Team

Fashion is holistic. Every look that you wear is a permutation and combination of the elements of dressing up –the clothes, jewelry, footwear, bags, hair and makeup. It’s all the detailing that makes a look and each of these elements makes you have fun and keeps the freshness alive in your dressing up game. With a makeup artist interning with Zariin, post lunch conversations would often lead to makeup. What’s in and what’s not, the right products to buy for every budget and the products that work for each one of us. The jewelry conversations would in an instant convert to a beauty judgement session with exchange of personal notes of beauty wisdom. That’s when we discussed a few appropriate summer makeup looks and decided to give them a try. So thrilled were we with the results that we translated the same into this blog post to inspire you to try these simple yet refreshing looks we label so summer!

THE APPROACH : Do note that the focus of these three summer makeup looks is more on the eyes and lips and the base that is the face is kept as bare as possible. If you are blessed with a good skin, you can follow the usual cleansing-toning-moisturising routine and proceed. If you are looking for coverage, opting for a mousse or tinted creams is the most practical way to go. You want your skin to breathe!

LOOK 1 with Aradhana Sriram, Our Designer
The beautiful Indian wheat-ish skin tone comes with the perks of playing with the lovely tones of browns that work wonders for your look. More than hiding the flaws, make up for us is a way to enhance your features. Contouring helps a great deal to achieve the same and forms the first step of this look based on need. This is followed by brown lids and dark lips.

summer makeup looks browns


LOOK 2 with Nikkie Raina, Marketing Associate
If you live by the red lips, then you’d love to experiment with red eyes. Perfect the lips by using an appropriate lip liner to define your lips and fill in with the classic red lipstick. Subtle red tones on the eye lids softens the features and adds the subtle drama you need for the season.

summer makeup looks reds

LOOK 3 with Raagini, Intern
Go dewy, subtle and feminine with this fresh summer look that plays with serene pink lips and rose eye lids. The freckles spell a bare-it-all attitude which totally works for summers.

summer makeup looks blush


We’d love to know what you think of these looks and we’d be thrilled to see you if you tried any of these summer makeup looks.

MAKEUP by Mahima Ghai

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