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Summer Fragrance with Zariin

Perfumes for us is one of the most fascinating accessories one wears. It’s that one element of dressing up that does not contribute visually but definitely has a huge role to play with perception as it has a sensory impact. It’s an intimate accessory which comes with the power of instantly uplifting your mood and inducing feel-good emption yet it goes beyond as it creates an aura around the wearer which is experienced by the people around. The accessory is definitely an extension of fashion and dressing up asserting itself as a form of self expression. Just like jewelry, perfumes too have a world of their own. And just the way a perfect piece of jewelry completes every look, we resort to the right perfume to tell our story and enhance the persona. With summers kicking off, the Zariin team did a little research to find the top fragrances you should consider for the season. We also went a step ahead a picked the jewelry we think fits with the mood of each summer fragrance.

Uomo by Valentino
This is actually a men’s fragrance but the chocolate and coffee notes of the fragrance give it a feminine twist worthy of stealing this bad-ass bottle from your guy’s closet. If you are looking for something sharp and sexy in your summer fragrance, the woody notes hit the right notes!
We pick jewelry from our Day & Night collection, which is equally crisp with it’s geometric aesthetics and monochrome approach. It’s simple, minimal and to the point!

summer fragrance uomo valentino


Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue After Five
Fruity and floral, this summer fragrance is light and refreshing. It’s subtlety makes it a perfect signature scent and is a favourite with working women. Very clean and minimal makes a a great everyday perfume and a summer classic!
Capturing the freshness and classic character of the fragrance we pick pearl dressed and gold dipped earrings which spell tasteful feminine drama.

summer fragrance after five


Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme
This bohemian inspired fragrance is crafted for the free-spirited modern woman with unconventional lifestyle. Berry and peony notes are the highlights of the energetic and lively scent making a good summer fragrance.
We do a mix-n-match of aesthetics with rings of different collections for a no-rule approach.

summer fragrance anna sui


Concept, Styling and Photography : Raagini Murada

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