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This story is aimed at inspiring you to maximize on your wardrobe elements and styling them to all their possibilities. The benefits of doing this you ask? For one, you’d understand that one piece of clothing can give you various outfits. So you can actually limit the size of your wardrobe to something manageable, you’d actually end up using all the elements you’ve invested on and eventually reduce wastage. As the world is moving towards sustainability, your conscious efforts can actually make a lot of difference. Secondly, the post will also give you quick fixes to achieve a new look in 5 minutes and transition your outfit with a fresh character. With the fast paced life that we all lead, this approach always comes in handy.
We’ve taken up the challenge to achieve four looks with one dress : Minimal and Elegant, Colour Pop, Occasion Ready and Classic Indian Girl. Note that jewelry always plays a huge role in changing the mood of our outfit. So as you make a transition with your outfit, always play with jewelry to assert the new look.

Look 1: Minimal and Elegant
This is the simplest approach. Wear the dress as is and accessorise elegantly to finish it and achieve a polished, well put together look. We accessorise the candy pink dress with all gold jewelry and sunglasses for you to step out in style.

new look minimal and elegant

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Look 2: Colour Pop
Play with contrasts. Colour block for a new mood altogether. You can do so by using contrasting accessories, scarves or another element of clothing. We’ve colour blocked the dress with an orange skirt to achieve a new look. Load up on jewelry to make the look truly dressed up.

new look colour pop

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Look 3: Occasion Ready
Layer the shift dress with a dressy skirt. To achieve a new look, we’ve chosen a printed one that adds so much character and accessorized the outfit with nude stiletto pumps and a dressy collar necklace with earrings to match. Don’t forget to wear your favourite perfume and you’ll be all set to make a statement.

new look occasion ready

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Look 4: Classic Indian Girl
The easiest way to achieve this look is with the very popular cotton skirts which are either block printed or traditionally dyed. We’ve used a good old leheriya skirt with a dramatic flare and topped the look with ethnic inspired jewelry. This fusion look remains to be significant in India irrespective of the fashion trends that surface.

new look classic indian girl

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Achieving that “new look” is not all that tough. All you need to do is put some thoughts to the styling and create the right permutations and combinations of the clothing in your wardrobe.

Styled by: Raagini Murada

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