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Colour Trend – All The Colours You Should Be Wearing Right Now

Colour trend this year has taken two opposite directions – pastels and lighter hues on one and a strong and vibrant colour scheme for a bolder and confident look on the other side.

Every year, for warmer season we turn to this colour trend with a yummy palette. Inspired by the ice cream pastels, these lovely shades are perfect to wear at any time of the day, indoor or outdoor functions. These are subtle and spell ladylike. The hues can be complimented with most colours and can be colour blocked with other pastels and work wonderfully with neutral hued accessories.

colour trend pastels


Find Red too over bearing? All we’d say is never be scared to experiment. The colour of scarlet is one of the most fashionable colours in 2018. Dress it up or dress it down. A simple piece of jewelry is perfect to balance the aura. Bright, rich and endlessly stylish, this colour trend will instantly boost your mood. Don’t just stop at the classics.

colour trend scarlet


We call it moody for it is an unusual one! It is predicted that ultra violet will be the IT colour trend popping up everywhere as one will witness the setting trends in fashion, beauty and beyond. Rich purple looks great with most of the metallic tones. If you pair purple with tarnished golds and bronzes, you’ll end up giving off a bling-y vibe good enough to fill the air with some nightclub glamour.

colour trend violet

Primary colours are the new millennial pink. The colour trends on the catwalk has celebrated a strong range of something we call the paint box brights and that too spear heading a head to toe look. The trend celebrates confidence. Add some colour blocking jewelry for an irresistible effect.

colour trend paint box colours

Truth is, this summer is a lot about colour – the bold, bright and solid shades and yet somehow there’s a side that’s in love with more pastel and lighter hues. So, embrace it all, change colours like moods and paint the town with whatever it is that you opt for!

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