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Guilty Pleasures of the Season – Monsoons!

Change is refreshing. The Zariin studio is based out of New Delhi – a city which witnesses a regular change of seasons and we as always make the most of everything including the seasons. Mainly because we love how the time of the year determines how we live. That change is reflected in every aspect of our lives – what we eat, how we dress and play with fashion, the places we go to, our daily routines and our days at work. Every season brings with it specific guilty pleasures that we love to indulge in. With the onset of the monsoons, the Zariin team pondered over their most innocent yet guilty pleasures for which we like to take time off and enjoy the nuances which the rains bring us.

1. Netflix and chill!
Aren’t we all guilty? While we look outside our office windows and wonder at the lashing rains, there’s always a parallel thought of wanting to be back home, cuddled in our beds, detached from everything and committed to Netflix. There’s always an episode waiting for us to resume and one of the top rated collective guilty pleasures the Zariin team agrees upon.

guilty pleasures-netflix

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2. Green Tea and A Good Book
A few of us would always choose a book over Netflix. Our ideal rainy afternoon is made of a good book and a comforting cup of green tea. A guilty pleasure yes, but not guilty enough and proudly declare our love for reading.

guilty pleasures-books

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3. Cuddling your Pet
If you are a pet lover, you’d agree that there is no better feeling than this mutual cuddle that transcends seasons. Monsoons are just another reason for us to do so and the kind of guilty pleasures that’s pure love.

guilty pleasures-pets

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4. The Good Life
Bright yellow flowers to play contrasts with the greys of the sky, a warm comforting baked goodie and radiant jewelry to lift our outfits. Sometimes your guilty pleasures can be small joys of life and these are the ones for us – flowers, food and jewelry!

jewelry-guilty pleasures

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We hope you’re enjoying the monsoons and the joy it brings! Seasons are after all what you make of them!


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