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Work Desk Decoded –Jewelry Designer’s Desk

A designer’s desk is anything but boring and a detour from the usual keyboards, outdated diaries and empty cups of coffee! Mamta & Vidhi, Co-Founders and Designers for Zariin give us a peek of their work desk. One glance and you’d realize that their work desk is so typical and reflective of the nature of their work and the visual is a story in itself.

mamta and vidhi work desk

work desk decoded

1. Sketch Book
A sketch book is the starting point of any creative process. Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that a sketch book not only belongs to your work desk but can be found on you at any given point of time because inspiration is everywhere and this is the easiest way to translate and record your ideas. A personal record book of the sorts – a look at our sketch books and you’ll see how each of our collections have transpired over the years into wearable pieces of jewelry. It’s also a wonderful way to keep our future ideas intact as loose sheets always tend to disappear.

2. Jewelry
You’ll always find pieces on jewelry on our desks. These could be pieces from our latest collections that we’re loving right now or the jewelry from our debut collection that is our Classics that remain to be in vogue even today and are wonderful reminders of our journey. We are always trying on pieces to test their ergonomic value personally and to know the feel of each of our products.

3. Colour Pencils & Water Colours
Our mediums bring our ideas come alive. Our work desk and sketch pad would never be complete without these elements as a part of it.

4. Laptop
A clichéd but the amount of work and business this device does and is capable of is why it deserves a mention even though it is one of the most expected ones. From emails to our line sheets and the record of everything Zariin is about – a laptop is our resource book and the modes of reaching out to the world.

5. Plants/Succulents
Plants can brighten up any work space and we have accessorized our work desk with succulents that thrive on natural light and survive on being watered only once a week. So we don’t have to worry whenever we are travelling for work or otherwise. Adding some life to the work desk fills it up with positivity and a feel good factor.

6. Pliers
A pair of jewelry pliers is one tool that always comes in handy for quick fixes or otherwise. Not only would you find these on our work desk but we also include these in our jewelry box. In fact, we suggest that every lady should own a pair to fix those tiny loops and rings and keep your jewelry intact.

7. Stones
We absolutely love and admire the beauty of raw natural stones that Zariin has always designed around from the debut collection to now. We always keep these stones on our work desk as reminders of our biggest inspirations. These are iconic of the Zariin aesthetics.

8. Diary and Planner
We are big believers of maintaining a dairy of all the tasks and planning our days ahead. Listing it all out helps us with our efficiency, time management and slotting on our planners. As an entrepreneur, you’re pulled in all the directions of the business from accounting, networking, designing, production, inventory, sales and marketing. Our diary helps us manage it all and keep our focus on immediate tasks. You’d never find our work desk without these two!

work desk close up


work desk look



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