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Work at Zariin – Reasons I Love My Job

There are two classes of people in this world – those who love their work and those who do not. By the virtue of luck and perseverance, I count myself in the former category. Almost 150 blog posts down and five years of ideating for Zariin’s social media feed, I should have been bored and looking for something more out of my professional life. But on the contrary, I’m in a fully committed relationship with my job and it’s only maturing with time. Today, Zariin defines who I am as a person. As a Content & Communication specialist at Zariin – I’m always looking for inspirations and ideas to celebrate our jewelry which translates into content for the label. Recently, I was listing our blog plan for the month when it struck me to list out the reasons why I love my work so much……as the “reason list” developed I was amazed to see it myself – I think I may have landed myself the perfect job!

A couple of years back as I was getting ready for work, my husband exclaimed – “How can a person be so excited to get ready and leave for work every day!” That’s when I’d responded accepting how much I love my work and it’s what I always wanted. Working with Zariin was on my wish list ever since I spotted the jewelry in the nascent issues of Harper’s Bazaar. Incidentally, a Zariin ring was the first piece of jewelry I bought for myself when I started my career. I loved the uncut stone jewelry and personally connected to it. Thereafter, I’d never missed a chance to send across an email for opportunities. I was closely stalking the label’s social media page when they posted an opening – and I had to grab that chance. Mamta & Vidhi tested me for four hours and it was one of the most enjoyable tests I have ever given. I was formally trained as a jewelry designer but my passion was content. Zariin has always drawn a passionate side of me where in I could exercise my knowledge of jewelry and blend it with my passion for content.


As a social media manager, the phone becomes an inevitable accessory!

behind the scenes at work

1. Work Ethics
The fashion industry seldom operates on work ethics but more of mood ethics. I was relieved to find a place that not only operates and identifies with work ethics but draws out the work ethics naturally from the employees as well. Punctuality, deadlines, planning and communication are strong foundations of this fairly young label. As an army brat, these mattered to me and are big motivational factors.

2. The Team
The team spirit at Zariin is hard to miss. A constitution of one man department initially, it has been a delight to see the Zariin team grow. A small team pushes everyone to play a multifunctional role which in turn teaches you so much outside of your comfort zone. I love working with a talented, dedicated and a motivated team. Every co- worker at Zariin is extremely good at what they do and always keep a happy vibe on.

3. Environment
Every day is a new day at Zariin. Being a creative field there is always something new and some exciting project the team is collectively working on. Mamta & Vidhi, are appreciative of the efforts the team puts, there’s always something to laugh about, girls are always sneaking in some sweet treats and it’s okay to make a mistake as long as you own up! You spend a large chunk of your day at work so yes, these reasons matter.

zariin team

work social media styling


at work my cup of tea kochi

At work at My Cup of Tea – Kochi

4. Women For Women
Not only does the company use this as a hash tag to its benefit but believes in it too. Mamta and Vidhi are extremely supportive of the female staff. Personally, they have supported my transition through the newly married life which also came with army wife duties and social commitments. Zariin cares and has supported me with flexibility when I needed to make various ends meet. They have always motivated the team to strive for personal goals as we witness them working towards a work-life balance too.

5. Creativity
Out of the box thinking, ideating and brainstorming are regular ingredients at the Zariin office. Whether it is the designing, upcoming collections, shows, marketing, packaging, visual merchandising and social media – creativity is always brimming and all ideas are considered. Five years here and I’m still learning every day.

6. Personal Growth
There have been times when I have given up and had my meltdowns. As a married working woman, you’re always torn in various directions and the easiest way out is to give up your job. The thing with Mamta and Vidhi is that they never let you give up and I’m glad they didn’t! We’ve always managed to find an accommodative solution to every situation only making me strive to work harder.

work body positivity shoot

From the Body Positivity shoot – this picture is a personal favourite

work envy in white ring


7. Lists
At Zariin, we believe in lists. We are connoisseurs of to-do lists and planners. It helps us plan and focus. We take pride in the fact and convert everybody to a list maker eventually.

8. Work from Home
Being married to an army officer, my life is full of unexpected travel which has forced me to exercise the option of working from home. While I miss my daily office routine, working from home has opened the opportunity of making my contribution from wherever I am. It requires practice, exercising self discipline but by the virtue of internet I’m able to make ends meet.

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9. Mamta & Vidhi
Mamta and Vidhi make an incredible boss team! The above points are existential because of who they are personally and what they are professionally. I have looked up to them in both the aspects. They are extreme believers of healthy communication and conversations which makes working at Zariin ever so delightful.

love my work

I would end by confessing that in the initial years, I would consider my job as more of a right but now I’m eternally grateful. None of the reasons listed above were possible without the support I get and not just from Mamta & Vidhi but the team as well!

– Akriti Narain Singh

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