Detox Water : Quick Recipes the Zariin Team Swears By

At the Zariin office, you’d often see us discussing not only work but exchanging personal notes on fashion, outfits, health, future dates, ongoing sales (when your office is located next to a mall, that’s bound to happen!), wish lists, food, movies, latest apps, picture editing filters, weekend plans and life. We call our office a mutual admiration club where we are always in praise of each other, supporting and pushing each other to strive for the better. In a conscious effort, we try and not fall prey to fads and give it our best to make sure nobody from this club does so! However, we’ll admit that detox water is one of those we couldn’t resist. Vidhi Gupta, our Co-Founder and Creative Head was one of the first adapters of the trend. She says, “We all know that we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. For a person who needs different meals everyday, and who likes her food pretty- drinking SO MUCH plain water becomes difficult. Enters detox water – where you can try new infusions and all are good- because hey- you can never go wrong with detox water! My personal favourite is lemon cucumber and blue berries.”

Detox water comes with various benefits but the most appealing idea for us is that it makes hydrating yourself so much more interesting, a small way to perk up our work desks and brighten it up. We decided to share three of our collective favourite recipes which obviously are also the easiest ones to achieve-

Cucumber, Lemon & Mint
The detox water infused with cucumber slices, lemon slices and mint is a summer favourite! All you need to do is slice the cucumber and lemon and add it to a water pitcher along with mint leaves. One of the most refreshing and powerful detox water combinations, this infused combination is good for bloating, aides in weight loss, cleanses your body, aides in digestion and adds so much colour to the regular water. As designers visual appeal matters! 😉


detox water cucumber mint lemon


Orange & Mint
Orange makes everything better! The combination of orange and mint in detox water is great for skin, has a great cooling effect, aides in weight loss, is full of vitamins and very tasteful. Slice the oranges and add to a pitcher of water along with mint leaves.

detox water orange mint

orange and mint detox water


Apple & Cinnamon
Place the diced apples along with a cinnamon stick at the bottom of the pitcher and then add water. Infuse the water for 2-3 hours. This detox water boosts metabolism and is rich in antioxidants. These ingredients are available easily all over India.

apple cinnamon detox water

detox water cinnamon apple


We suggest you invest in a nice glass bottle, infuser water bottles or use mason jars. Whatever be your choice of container, make sure it is not plastic because you achieve nothing by treating your body with detox water and intoxicating your environment!

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