Apps to Track Your Health

Phones have become a constant accessory. We live in an era where a big chunk of the daily modern life is dependent on the phones. It is the Apps that are making your phones so meaningful and much more than a communication gadget. There are a variety of these that take care of unthinkable aspects to simplifying your daily chores. Even if you are not a very tech savvy or phone oriented person, it is close to impossible to carry on with your life without it. We use a myriad range of apps through the day and for various aspects of daily life – from office emails, Uber-ing your way through the city roads, ordering food, mapping the routes, entertainment and social apps. These apps come in extremely handy to the jugglers that women are, forever multi tasking and forever managing. There’s an endless list of helpful apps but we have identified three apps that help you keep a tab on your health through the hustle of everyday running around.

There are various health and fitness apps that help you track the activity of your day. Number of steps walked, heart beats, body temperatures and fitness activity. These apps collect the date and present it in the way to motivate to compete with your own statistics and motivate to do better.

health apps

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Drink Water
Believe it or not but there are apps to remind you about this basic necessity because most of us are so busy that we are always neglecting the need to drink water and consume the required amount. This will not only track the number of glasses you have had through the day but also prompt you to do so based on the plan set by you. It comes in very handy when you are caught up in meetings or busy with endless chores at home.

drink water apps

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Period Tracking
We have a big reason to thank technology for this one! Our periods often take us by surprise and while we’d always find a way to deal with it – it helps immensely to be warned at the right time. There are a lot of period trackers for you to choose from. These keep a track of your menstrual cycle and give you options to feed in your moods too.

period tracking apps

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