Vegetarian Guide to Eating in Japan

Our work often takes us to various parts of the world.  More often than not, these turn out to be extremely memorable. Like everything else in our lives, we try to balance it out even on our business trips – we work hard during the day and explore by the night. As a sister team we always ensure these trips are never all work and no play! If you have been following our social media handles, you’d know that we just got back from our business trip to Japan. We love our food and like everyone else, we end up exploring a lot of any place through our plates. As Indians, vegetarian-ism comes naturally to us however; this can be a critical aspect when one is out of the country. The challenge becomes multifold when one is a vegetarian while other isn’t(Vidhi is a non-vegetarian). To satisfy the hunger and taste palates of both keeping their gastronomical choices – but knowing your options ahead of time is never a bad idea. Hence, we roll this article out to help you with your homework if you are a vegetarian travelling to Japan.

The Japanese love their meat & fish and this love is evident on their menus. We got around this and how! Not only did we find some really nice vegetarian options but learnt the value of details in the Japanese cuisine. The cuisine is a combination of unusual, delicious, beautifully presented and healthy! Finding vegetarian options is not as tough as it used to be.

The Japanese cuisine for vegetarians is dominated by tofu, seaweed, black beans and the key ingredients you can’t escape and must learn to love are – tofu, seaweed, tomato, miso, eggplants, ube(yams) and of course…rice! The one thing you have to be careful of as a vegetarian is that the Japanese use dashi that is fish stock in a lot of their preparations which seeps into most of their dishes. We also used technology in our favour and used the Duolingo app to get our way around communication J

Here’s our food story from our trip!



Truffle – mushrooms!


Avocado sushi, greens, exotic Japanese veggies, yam and Japanese sweet potato called ube. They have a lot of seaweed in their preparations!

vegetarian food japan


Steamed tomato in jelly


salad vegetarian

ramen vegetarian

Ramen – famous Japanese staple dish. Also, our go to for lunches! You must look for a place that has vegetarian ramen. Hard to find but you can. One famous ramen place is Afuri in Rappongi and Ippudo in Rappongi again.

onigiri vegetarian

Onigiri- Rice cake with seaweed and wasabi!

japanese vegetarian

japanese food vegetarian

hamberg vegetarian

Hamberg which is like a patty and a popular Japanese dish for school children too.

pretty food vegetarian

Love their plating!

dessert vegetarian

Dessert – the love for minimalism reflects on the plate too!

creative vegetarian

all tofu vegetarian

All tofu!

cheese cubes vegetarian

The cubes are cheese made from rice. Super yum! Served along with seaweed.

black beans matcha icecream vegetarian

Sweetened black beans served with matcha ice cream. This is a very popular Japanese dessert. They love the black beans.

sake vegetarian

Cherishing some wine with our meal!

vegetarian in japan

Signing off with this picture from our sightseeing that culminated our trip!

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