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Onam – Styling Notes for the Festival

We are amazed by the vast cultural diversity our country offers us. The fading summer months mark the onset of the festive season overlapped by the wedding season which dictates our social calendars all the way uptil spring. One of the high points of living in India have got to be the array of festivals we get to enjoy with stunning fashion and amazing food. Each festival comes with its own flavor and that defines our spirit making it an absolute valid excuse to shop for it. Onam – a festival typical to Kerela is one of the first ones to mark the season.

onam festival

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Onam is a harvest festival celebrate in Kerela. The festivities are characterized by lovely traditional meals, flower arrangement that can amaze you and the Kasavu saree we love so much amongst other cultural means. With the festival just around the corner we decided to share some styling notes.
Kasavu Saree: Fashion wise, the highlight of Onam is the traditional Kasavu saree – ever so popular cream and gold saree. The saree is handwoven by the local weavers with a striking gold zari border. It is indeed one of the most simple and elegant forms of traditional hand woven sarees in India. Women drape themselves with this beautiful hand woven attire to celebrate Onam.

Styling the Kasavu
Blouses: One of the easiest ways to personalize your Kasavu saree is with a unique blouse. With cream and gold being a neutral combination, most of the bright colours work well with the saree. You can opt for auspicious colours like red, orange, pinks and greens, printed blouse in vibrant hues or a striking weave.

kasavu onam

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Jasmine: When it comes to festival dressing, we’re all for the traditional route. No Kasavu look is complete without gracing your hair with Jasmine. Wear your hair in a bun and lace the bun with Jasmine strings which will instantly get you in the festive spirit.

white and gold onam

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Jewelry: With the Kasavu saree playing the uniform for the festival, it is your jewelry that can significantly set you apart and make the look so refreshing. While the traditional temple jewelry and kundan jewelry works beautifully with the combination, it can pay to experiment. White and gold being the ruling combination our pearl collections have been extremely popular for gracing the Kasavu. The collections spell modern while deeply being routed in Indian aesthetics. The look of the jewelry blends in perfectly while defining a unique design story.

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