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Rakhi Outfit Inspiration

It’s time to dress festive again. This week culminates with the much awaited Rakhi festival while marking the beginning of the festive season. The pretty rakhis have been chosen, gifts all wrapped and travel reservations done and dusted (if you need to!) Now is a good time to plan your outfit for the day which is why we decided to share some quick tips and inspirations for you to keep in mind while planning and choosing your Rakhi outfit.

Indian festivals are best marked by Indian outfits but a fun casual vibe dominates rakhi dressing. There’s a scope for experimenting and playing with elements for the look.

Look 1 – All White Outfit with Pearls and Gold Jewelry
This look is a classic and perfect for Rakhi! It is dressy, feminine and as casual or formal as you make it to be. A white kurta is a great canvas to celebrate your jewelry and other accessories. Dress the look with a red lips and dressy jewelry for a festive twist. You can pair the kurta with pants or a dreamy flared white skirt to make your look more dynamic.

all white look rakhi

white kurta rakhi

white skirt rakhi


Look 2 – Jewelry Sets
Go the old school way…style your outfit with a well coordinated jewelry set. Dressing up is all about details and a coordinated look is a one step solution for a well put together look. The elements you can choose are earrings, necklace and a ring or a bangle to match!

jewelry sets rakhi


Look 3 – Kurta and Skirt
This is another fun look which allows a play of mix-n-match. For the rakhi look you pair a flared floral skirt and dress it up with brocade kurta. The look is fun and lush at the same time. Add some tasteful jewelry for finishing touches.

floral skirt rakhi

Look 3 – Saree
Never, ever give up an opportunity to drape a saree! With the perishing handloom industry, the traditional sarees need to be revived and find their way back into Indian dressing. A festival is a great way to do so. Style it with a floral blouse for a casual yet dressy look and some delicate jewelry.


Look 4- Maang Teeka
The easiest way to spell Indian festive is by adding a maang teeka to your outfit. For rakhi, it’s the only element of jewelry that you need to add. Our Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Mamta Gupta styles her Jodi outfit with a delicate maang teeka. You can also style your hair for the maang teeka to sit perfectly. Take a look at various maang teeka appropriate hairstyles here.

maang teeka rakhi

maang teeka hairstyle rakhi


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