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Beauty Rituals – Mamta & Vidhi Decode their Skin Care Routine

End of the day, the purpose of fashion, accessories and beauty rests with the feel good factor these promise. We make an effort to dress up and invest time in self care routine all with the motivation to feel good, fresh and healthy. We love clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes and the works but without covering the aspect of beauty and feeling good with your skin, these become meaningless. Looking and feeling a certain way, is a holistic effort and beauty is an integral part of that effort. Most of us have our own rituals and hacks we swear by. No two routines are ever the same and every individual has their unique tried and tested beauty rituals that work for them. Mamta and Vidhi, have always been conscious of their skin health and ardently follow a routine that works for them. We chatted up with them to break their beauty rituals for us. One look at their notes and you’d realize that even though their beauty rituals differ, simplicity and consistence is the common factor in both.

Vidhi’s Beauty Rituals
1. Sunscreen is an absolute must. I have recently switched to La Shield and love the fact that it’s not greasy.
2. I also love experimenting with face oils when I am at home – or as a quick face massage before heading out. I am currently using Seabuckthorn Seed oil which I purchased from Ladakh.
3. I love trying Indian brands doing natural skincare line- and one of my recent purchases has been Just Herbs. I use their night cream and their skin elixir. They have a lovely fragrance and my skin loves the fact they’re chemical free.
4. I have been told that we should start using an Eye cream after 30’s. Enter Epique – a home grown brand which I quite love. Another plus – the eye cream comes with a massager which is bliss for tired eyes.
5. I am loyalist when it comes to most brands- once I start using it and if I love it – I keep stocking on it.
6. My everyday makeup is very simple – Benefit BB cream, Benetint on my cheeks and lips. For extra color on my lips – I use Envy by Tarte. (since they discontinued Hope. If Tarte is reading this – please bring it back or give me at least 20 of them).
7. Also sheet masks are a savior when you travel and want a quick pick-me-up. Dr. Jart is lovely.
8. Sucker for hand creams – currently using Pawpaw.

Oh! Also best beauty ritual is – drinking water and a smile through the day!


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Mamta’s Beauty Rituals
1. I am happy as long as my skin feels clean and hydrated. I use Evian Facial Spray several times a day when I am on the go, as it seems to quench the thirst of the skin.
2. Daily skin care involves face cleaning followed by dabbing a few drops of SK-II Essence onto the face – it’s supposed to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.
3. Moisturizer / everyday makeup is Estee Lauder’s BB Cream and Bobby Brown’s eye liner.
4. Once a fortnight, I do deep cleansing with a charcoal face mask, which I discovered in Anthropologie.
5. Finally, on days of fatigue or PMS, or just plain bad mood, I spray a few drops of the Saviour by Jhelum Loves on my inner wrist, and it’s a total mood lifter!

Other than this, the most sacrosanct ritual for me is my 8-9 hours sleep, which I cannot do without!

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