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Simple Hacks to Organize Your Life

You may label it as an OCD but imposing some order on your daily living can be way more beneficial than you may credit it for. A structured life enhances efficiency, buys you more time to do things you would rather do and makes living smooth. You’d find your stuff easily, you’ll end up using everything you have, plan and achieve your goals and make time for everything that matters. So if you are reading this blog, we’ll fill you in with a few simple steps to start making that change and if you are already on the top of your “ organize your life ” game, then you’d love to read these too.
The Zariin team had a brainstorming session wherein we picked the most common hacks we all seemed to follow and are sharing those….

1. To – Do Lists
If you work at Zariin, you’ll be a firm believer of to-do lists. And if you don’t believe in them, then we’ll make sure you do. Nothing and no one functions without these. A to-do list is the first step to organize your life. We are not just talking professionally but personally too. It helps to jot down all your tasks, plan and function accordingly. You’ll never forget anything and will always plan better. Make lists…..period!

organize to do lists

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2. Hang Your Clothes
How many of us are guilty of spending hours in front of the cupboard or looking for something stashed in some forgotten pile?! If you hang your clothes using a hanger, not only would it all be in front of you but will also save you from the creases (taking care of which is time consuming and a lot of effort) It will also help you plan your outfits better. Always keep an ironed pair ready for any last minute plans.

organize your closet

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3. Books
Organize your books in a shelf. Not only will you end up showing off your collection but you’d also end up finding the book easily every time you want to read it. Keeping your books safe is nothing but a reflection of a book lover’s relationship with what they read.

organize your books

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4. Work Desk
A crowded work space impacts productivity. It is very important to de-clutter the space and organize it to focus on your work. Rely on storage boxes, trays for your pens and pencils, bookends and label all your files. Invest in some useful table top accessories to keep all your stationary in order. Working becomes a much more enjoyable experience if the space is sorted.

organize work desk

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5. Jewelry Box
Ladies, it is a must to invest in a jewelry box. Not only to protect them but also find the right piece when you need it. Sometimes we don’t ending up using a piece of jewelry because it is kept “safe” in some box somewhere. Organize a jewelry box, you’ll have all your pieces right in front of you to pick and choose. Usually one is getting dressed up in a hurry so it always helps to stay organized. In fact, we’d insist on the same thing for your make up as well.

organize jewelry

Oh! The joy of simplifying your life! 🙂

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