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Casual Date Outfits

However casual a date is…it is always imperative for you to make a certain effort to dress up. The most convincing reason we can list is that it is a form of respect. You may be going on a casual date with your husband or perhaps dressing up for your first date with someone, the effort you put in will always be noticed and does contribute in setting the tone of your outing. Impressions matter on a date and therefore, you need to dress to impress. The relaxed vibe of a casual date gives you a scope to play with different elements of dressing, have an easy vibe to your outfit and score high on comfort. Dressing up for confidence is the key and feeling good about yourself is the first step to get it right. Only when you are feeling good about yourself is when you’ll justify the company of your partner.

We have worked out two fool proof approaches to casual date outfits featuring elements you’ll find in every wardrobe. These are evergreen looks for any casual date which can be played around with smart use of accessories. Here’s a look:

Blue denims and a white shirt. Casual dates often include movie outings, a bowling game or some fun activities. Practicality is an overriding factor for such dates. The blue denims + white shirt look is not only a classic, but a perfect form of casual meets stylish. The look scores high on comfort. Pick an interesting white shirt with embroidery patch or a knotted one for a feminine take and style it with interesting accessories. We pick a studded pair of brown sandals and a clutch to match. Use jewelry in your favour by adding some statement pieces to elevate the entire quotient of the look. We pick a link necklace and over-sized pair of hoop earrings.

white shirts denims casual date

jewelry white shirt casual date

casual date denim look

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A pastel nude dress. We all own one basic neutral dress and if you don’t then we suggest you invest in one. The thing with these dresses is that they make a perfect canvas for accessories and transcend effortlessly from one look to the other. It is the accessories that define the look of the dress. For a casual date, we pick a black belt and sandals, a red lipstick and subtle but interesting pieces of jewelry to keep play the vibe. The look is spells sophisticated style.

casual date nude dress

nude dress jewelry casual date

boss lady casual date

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Currently, taking orders on request. Email us at or Whatsapp us at +91 9871103478

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