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Boss Lady – Design Story

The urban dictionary has given us lots of new words and word combinations that describe our state of mind and affairs. You often see these words and terms being used as hashtags and themes on social media which eventually translates into the modern vocabulary. We took inspiration from one such word which resonates with our philosophy of the Zariin woman – the Boss Lady. We elaborated on what this term means to us and designed a collection around that term after understanding the accessory needs of a Boss Lady life women are leading today.

Sharing our note for the collection to give you an insight into Zariin’s definition of a boss lady –

Women do not need empowerment. They are already empowered. A woman dreams big, lives her life without inhibitions, doesn’t care for judgement or labels, nor does she judge others, works hard to chart her own destiny- in other words, she’s a boss lady ! With empathy and camaraderie with her tribe, she supports and uplifts, secure in her being, yet open to new challenges and her own evolution. This woman is there in each one of us, and with our Boss Lady collection, we aspire to be a part of her everyday moments.

boss lady women on the go

Boss Lady Campaign – Look 1


The everyday moments that make up her life, she’s the woman on the go – from juggling work presentations to the dinner menu back home, late night movies dates to dropping kids to school, one day she’s meeting colleagues for drinks and the next she’s getting a manicure done! She travels not only to feed her soul but to-the-point work tours as well. She’s running errands on Saturdays and Sundays are for picnics. She wants to look good through it all – because who doesn’t want to! It takes a lot to be a boss lady and Zariin creates a collection for her to dress the part.

boss lady style

Boss Lady Campaign – Look 2


The focus is on effective yet simple pieces of jewelry that easily translate into your daily wardrobe. These pieces fit into your everyday routine and add value to day-to-day ensembles. Geometric in form, each piece comes with a beautiful inlay stone work of Moftail Jasper and Mahogany Obsidian in the colour hues of greys and browns which makes the jewelry very universal to style. We define each piece of the collection as crisp, to-the-point and un-fussy jewelry that does not come into way your routine but promises a polished look.

boss lady dress up

Boss Lady Campaign – Look 3


Photography – Ishita Singh

Styling – Devika Wahal

Make Up & Hair – Sonika

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