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Everyday Jewelry – How to Build a Good Collection

For jewelry lovers, a jewelry box is as important as the wardrobe itself. It takes a long time and years of pursuit to build a great collection. Occasion wear is limited to occasions. It is these everyday jewelry essentials that actually make a part of your daily dressing stories and are perhaps more indicative of who you are and your personal style. Therefore, it is imperative to thoughtfully build a fabulous collection, well planned and approached. We decode a few essential thoughts to keep in mind as you shop for everyday jewelry.

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Light Weight & Comfort
Everyday jewelry is a long time wear. Comfort is the first and foremost factor to keep in mind. Most of us follow the routine of getting dressed in the morning for the day and as multi-taskers one plan often leads to the other and eventually ends up being a long day. Therefore, the jewelry you opt for has to be lightweight, wearable and high on comfort. Never compromise on any of these factors. Because if a piece is hurting you, you’d only find yourself distracted and irritated. Style is important but not more than comfort.

Look for styles that are stylish, unique but understated. Everyday jewelry has to do the job of working with various outfits. An understated piece is high on versatility and adds value to the outfit and builds it.

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Day to Night
Your everyday jewelry should be transitional. Invest in pieces that support you 9 to 5 and beyond. They should easily change their roles from being the appropriate day wear options to equally dressy evening options.

A good outfit is always a reciprocal of balance. Apply the same on jewelry and you’ll always be good. So layering and mix-n-match are great for playing with simple minimal pieces of everyday jewelry. However, if you opt for a statement piece, then accessorizing your look with one striking piece will do the trick.

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