Snacks for Women on the Go

The thing about women on the go is that they’ll do wonders in their day, manage their time and all the aspects of their lives but they need to be well fed doing so. There’s always a sense of rush, something to do and some place to be. To be able to perform to your best capabilities, it is crucial that you make sure you eat well to keep our energy levels well managed. We all know hunger pangs are one of the biggest hurdles for these women on the go. Therefore, not only must you make sure that however, cramped your day is, never ever compromise on a proper balanced diet. Also, equally important is to accommodate your snacks when you’re on the move. Sometimes, you’re on the move and taking a proper meal might not be possible. That’s when you’ll thank yourself in investing some time and energy in keeping a ready to eat meal in your bag.

Being a team of women ourselves, we know what these snacks on the go mean to us. Sometimes, we are in middle of a shoot, sourcing, a show or travelling for a meeting – these snacks have always been a blessing. The Zariin team definitely believes in their food so we decided to jot down a few snacks for women on the go who are living a life we very well relate to. Here are our go-to options:

Fox Nuts (Makhana)
If you are looking for a healthy option, fox nuts i.e is the good old makhanas is the desi snack that has gained a lot of popularity. It’s tasty, comes coated in various flavours and leaves you feeling full. It is the perfect in between meal snacking option and our latest obsession. We like to keep it simple by roasting it and flavoring it with some salt and pepper. You can also flavour with other spices like chilli flakes, Piri Piri spice mix and oregano. Not only is it great option to carry to work but also keep it in your bag as it is not messy, light weight and a quick snacking option even if you’re out shopping.
We always carry a few extra pouches of green tea, in case you ever need a warm drink. Your own tea bag always makes you feel very comforted when you’re not in the mood to experiment.

fox nuts snacks

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Nuts, Dry Fruits & Seeds
Almonds, peanuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, flax seeds and roasted chickpeas are few of the so many options that work as very filling, healthy and quick energy snacking options. Again very easy to store in your office, in your living room and in your bag. These options are very handy, tasty and healthy.

flax seeds snacks

chickpea snacks

We cannot function without our dose of chocolates. It is a perfect cure for all those cravings and a treat to yourself when you are so busy running around. Always keep your favorite option in your bag, office drawer or bedside for all those moments when you either need something sweet or quick energy revival.
Not only do these snacks are saviors in the moments of need but also great options to share with people who may need it too.

chocolates snacks

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