The Japanese Art of Perfection

Our work has taken us far east in the recent times and has opened the realms of the Japanese culture. Not only have our experiences left us inspired to create some jewelry but also inspired us in the ways of life. One of the most striking aspects of a trip to Japan is undoubtedly the country’s pursuit of perfection that is reflected in almost everything they do and how they function. Good design has a lot to do with attention to detail and the Japanese have surely mastered it. A country that does not believe in 99% perfection but 100% of it, we surely can take a lot of inspiration for them.

We elaborate three interesting such elements where the art of perfection comes to play.

The Tea Ceremony – Sado
The Sado i.e the way of tea. It is a Japanese ritual for preparing tea and it goes beyond tea and holds a complete philosophy behind it. It is an artistic pastime very typical to the Japanese culture which involves Matcha – powdered green tea powder. The ceremony is not limited to drinking tea but it involves the method of preparation, the art of serving which involves etiquette and discipline.

japanese tea ceremony

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Ikebana – the way of flowers, is the Japanese art of flower arrangements. The idea of arrangement is so much more than merely placing the flowers together but following certain guidelines and discipline to keep the arrangement simple, natural and minimal celebrating the beauty of each element of the arrangement including the stems, branches and the other elements including the vase you use.

japanese ikebana

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Japanese calligraphy – Shodo is the art of writing and is treated nothing short of a piece of art. As designers we find it extremely fascinating. It is indeed one of the most graceful ways of writing and they believe it transfers peace and harmony. Each stroke and the sequence of the strokes is meaningful and the activity is as Zen-like the tea ceremony and Ikebana.

japanese calligraphy

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