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Some Interesting Facts about the Cufflinks

Men have very limited options when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Cufflinks are one of those few limited options that often come and go out of fashion but continue to remain a classic piece of accessory to adorn and reflect your personal style.

We at Zariin, have always enjoyed designing and creating this sleek accessory for the men who have an eye for detail. These make great choice for a personal gifting and is a good way to inspire them to experiment with their style.

Here are a few interesting facts about this accessory which give us a peek into their origin, occasions to wear them and their evolution:



The Origin : Cufflinks first surfaced in the 16th century. That was when tailoring was limited to the higher classes and the origin was need based rather than a fashion accessory. There was a need to fasten the collars and cuffs with something…..which saw the creation of cufflinks.

It is with the industrial revolution that these became easily available due to the mass production of the metal fasteners.

With time, the accessory was associated to formal attire and more specifically the three piece suit.

Back when cuff links were a norm, the gold cufflinks were used for the day and the silver ones were used in the night.



Occasions: Today cufflinks are mostly worn with the French cuff shirts – these are shirts with double cuffs and no buttons. These are limited to occasions like weddings, formal dinners, business meetings and other formal occasions.

Cufflinks are a great options when you are looking for personality based gifting for the men in your life – dad, brothers, husband, colleagues and friends.

Occasions for Gifting: Cufflinks are perfect for gifting on anniversaries, birthday, promotion at work, Christmas, Diwali, Rakhi, Valentine’s Day or simple to show some love. Surprise them!

For all the business owners, this accessory also makes a lovely corporate gifting option.


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