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Mod Mughal – Design Story

Mod Mughal – A Collection of Mughal Miniatures

Taking inspiration from the historical home city of Delhi, Zariin has designed a collection which is a direct translation in jewelry that fuses the aesthetics of the assertive Mughal remnants that blend in with the modern scapes of the city that it is today.

Mod Mughal – a fusion collection, is Zariin’s take on “Modern Mughal”.

mod mughal campaign

The Mughal influence in the jewelry comes in the form of pearls, stones and subtle royal colour scheme. Pearls are a formative element of the collection. We meld the drops of pearls with the distinctive blues of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and hints of Malachite to form a colour scheme very typical of that era. Delicate band of studded Black Cubic Zircons further enhances the detail.

The modern city influence comes from the understated simple forms where the larger than life Mughal architectural exuberance has been downsized to create contemporary wearable miniature forms and styles of jewelry which are very minimal in contrast to the lavish and ornamental styles that existed then.

mod mughal mood

mod mughal modern jewelry

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The collection is extremely relevant to the aesthetics of the modern women who are looking for multi-functional pieces reflective of her style which is not only defined by practicality but is polished and culturally influenced. These pieces also make great souvenirs of a historic legacy that deeply influenced the craft culture in India, elements of which are being cherished till today.

mod mughal pearl

mod mughal fusion

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For the campaign shoot, we opted for outfits that reflect the same design story spelled out by the jewelry – a tasteful fusion of old craft and modern aesthetics in the form of brocade outfits with modern cuts. Make up and hair were kept simple to play the mood of understated festive. The jewelry is as festive and as norm-core as you make it to be.

Styled by Devika Wahal

Shot by Ishita Singh

Outfits by Kshitij Jalori

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