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Morning Rituals

How you spend your morning can set the tone for rest of the day. We actually take our mornings as blessings and like to kick-start it the right way to make our day productive and make the most of it. Mornings also are one of the best times to steal some satisfying me-time which is otherwise lost in the rut of the busy days. Mornings are very personal and we all have our own ways and rituals that define it.

Mamta & Vidhi, the boss ladies at Zariin share their morning rituals for this blog post.

Mamta Gupta on her morning rituals –

mamta gupta morning rituals

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“My morning begins with a prayer of gratitude with my son. His room overlooks lush green gardens and we often witness the sun rising behind the trees in the distance as we complete our prayers.
A cup of black coffee is a must before I get going for my morning run or work out session.
I love to run at least 3 times a week.
Breakfast is a must and non negotiable. Love avocados so try to work them into breakfast one way or the other!”

Vidhi Gupta on her morning rituals –

vidhi gupta morning rituals

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“Love how this picture shows everything that is so similar and different between Mamta and my morning.
I start my day with a glass of hot water and lemon. It helps in immunity building and is a good alkaline drink first thing in the morning.
I practice my yoga 3-4 times in a week – it mostly consists of holding the poses and a lot of stretching. I end this with breathing exercises.
Music accompanies the process of getting ready and by then I am ravenous for breakfast.
My heaviest and most extravagant meal of the day- it consists of several courses – from soaked nuts and flax seeds, to omelet with avocado and micro greens, oats and my sleepy owl cold brew.”

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