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Jewelry Hacks to Care for Your Jewels

Jewelry is an investment – of your time, energy and money. We’ve all spend a bit of these to get the right pieces that fit your personality and personal style. However, taking care of your jewelry is equally imperative to make your pieces not only last longer but looking good for a lifetime. Jewelry demands a certain bit of after care and if you do it right, you’ll have your favourite pieces last you through your sartorial journey. In this blog post, we decode a few jewelry hacks that help you manage your jewelry better, quick fixes and storage ideas.

1. Cushions
Recycle old fabric to make jewelry cushions which can be used to punch in your earrings to keep them safe and preventing from scratching the surfaces. You can also use these cushions to keep your bangles safely.

jewelry hacks cushion

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2. Medicine Box
Tablet boxes that come marked with days of the week is another one of the jewelry hacks to store your jewelry especially when you’re travelling. Each section can be used to store a different piece and if you’re an organizer freak then you can also use the marked days to segment your jewelry according to the outfit planned for that day.

jewelry hacks medicine box

3. Old Tea Cups
Jewelry hacks can often come out from your crockery collection. Do not get rid of old tea cups but you can instead use them as perfect cups to store your jewelry. Not only do they help you store the jewelry but also add a touch of pretty to your dressing space.

jewelry hacks old tea cups

4. Soap Water
Clean your jewelry with a mild solution of soap water. Not only is it important to keep your pieces shining but this jewelry hack also ensures a certain level of hygiene. You can use this to clean gold plated jewelry as well.

jewelry hacks mild soap solution

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5. Straws
We’ve all faced a tangled necklace situation to the point of giving the necklace a miss altogether because of the delay the detangling process can cause you. One of the easiest tricks to help you avoid this is by passing the necklace through a straw. One of the jewelry hacks that comes in very handy when you’re travelling.

jewelry hacks straws

6. Vaseline
Pierced earrings often leave your piercing irritated inducing some pain. Avoid this by applying some Vaseline on the post before you put on the earrings. This will create a coating layer and avoid the allergic reaction with the metal.

jewelry hacks vaseline

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7. Pouches
Of all the jewelry hacks, this one is perhaps the most important – make it a point to always store your jewelry after use in a cloth or a plastic pouch. It always take a little bit of effort but goes a long way to ensure that you don’t lose any piece and protect it from moisture and other external elements.

jewelry hacks pouches

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