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Essential Indian Wedding Jewelry

When it comes to wedding dressing up, jewelry forms an integral part if not one of the most important elements of a bridal attire. Not only do these pieces add value aesthetically but come with some significance and meaning. It is the jewelry that elevates your look to majestic and gives a twist for the bridal essence. We’ve always been very fascinated by the significance stories of Indian wedding jewelry and therefore, did a research on these and bring it forth with this blog post.

Here are few essential wedding jewelry elements you would predominantly see on an Indian bride.

Maang Teeka
Maang teeka is a piece of jewelry that women wear on the center parting of their head. The head jewelry is very specifically categorized as an occasion wear and you would see most of the Indian brides gracing it to elevate their look. It dresses you up instantly, brightens up your face and brings focus to it. You can choose to coordinate it with your other jewelry elements or wear it otherwise. It is important to choose a piece that is in lieu with the size of your jewelry maang teeka

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Traditionally, the necklace is one of the most auspicious elements of wedding jewelry and a mandatory element of jewelry to be worn by a bride or a married woman. You’d seldom see any bride without a necklace.

necklace wedding jewelry

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Most of us wouldn’t be without earrings on a regular day, so a bride would seldom go without it. Earrings frame your face and enhance your features further. It is important to keep in mind the comfort factor when choosing a pair to grace your wedding outfit. A wrong pair can often nag you and wear you down. We believe that nothing should come in the way of you enjoying your own wedding and choosing the right pair of earrings is definitely an aspect you should consider.

wedding jewelry earrings

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Nose Rings
If there is one piece of jewelry that oh-so-bridal is a nose ring. We read that element of wedding jewelry has surfaced throughout the history. Traditionally, a nose ring is a sign of marriage and symbolizes virginity. You’d see the accessory take different forms throughout the varied cultures in India but the philosophy behind it essentially remains the same.

nose ring wedding jewelry

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Waist Belt
Waist belts have always had a very oscillating curve when it comes to being in trend. However, this accessory has always been a significant one down South. However, we see it coming back in vogue again specially to accessorize your saree looks. It adds a whole lot of grace to your look while also cinching your outfit at the right places and giving more definition.

waist belt wedding jewelry

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These are few of the elements that would, more often than not, find their place in every bride’s collection.

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