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Design Story – Journey

“Go, fly, roam, travel, dream, explore, discover, get inspired and CREATE.”

These words characterize the beautiful journey of Zariin so far….parallelly capturing the spirit of the enamoring and stylish Zariin women who have flirted with our jewels, adored and cherished them!

The Zariin women are the real keepers of the label. The metal craft and the journey is nothing without them. It takes a lot for a piece of jewelry to resonate with the values of its wearer. And when it does, the jewelry becomes more meaningful and goes beyond mere accessory and beholds the aura by personating as charms of your emotions, memories, personality, story and who you are.

journey natural stone collection

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Inspired by these two parallel journeys of the label and its muse, Zariin has created an out of the box collection as beautiful markers of the expedition of the label and the Zariin women who charter through the fascinating realms of everyday life.

By design, the jewelry is an interesting mix of various elements which have dominated the Zariin collections in the past – uncut, raw, natural, semi-precious stones, organic shapes, random lines, link chains and unexpected geometry. Each collection has left us with something new as significant markers of the journey of the label and this collection captures those markers in some way or the other. The range is made of necklaces, earrings, bangles and a ring formed of undulating lines and random shapes…..unexpected in every way but beautiful, nonetheless…just like every journey is!

journey mood

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The campaign for the collection has been themed around resort – depicting the ease of styling these pieces and how jewelry can boost any simple look to something magnificent. The campaign perfectly captures the nostalgia of uncut stones and freshness of bold new forms that makes the collection one of its kind.

journey resort

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Styling: Devika Wahal

Photography: Ishita Singh

Clothes: Zara

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