The Duchess of Sussex at the British Fashion Awards

A few days back the Duchess of Sussex wow-ed the world yet again with a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards. The Duchess gave a heartfelt speech that not only honored Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller but also spoke about a new found value system in the fashion industry laying focus of “kindness”.

Her speech was reflective of the a certain value system that has a lot in common to a brief given to our communications team a few meetings back by our Founders – Mamta Gupta & Vidhi Gupta. They have always stressed on operating on certain value systems as a label. Mamta’s words and directions to us were clear – “We don’t need to position cool in a fierce, bitchy way but cool in a supportive, kind and uplifting way.”

The Duchess stressed upon how the new cool in fashion was to be kind and her speech was closely linked to Zariin’s brand values, the values that guides our daily conduct and conversation as a label and team. Our social media communications has constant feeds on “Women Who Inspire”, our “Real Women” campaign has laid enough stress on how beautiful women are and redefining the idea of beauty existing in the fashion industry. Talking in an Insta-worthy language – the label has always celebrated and stressed upon hashtags like #womenforwomen #womensupportwomen #bosslady

The following words by the Duchess will echo in our heads for a long time to come –
“As all of you in this room know, we have a deep connection to what we wear. Sometimes it’s very personal, sometimes it’s emotional. But for me, this connection is rooted in really being able to understand that it’s about supporting and empowering each other, especially as women.

“When we choose to wear a certain designer, we’re not just a reflection of their creativity and their vision, but we’re also an extension of their values, of something in the fabric, so to speak, that is much more meaningful. I recently read an article that said, ‘The culture of fashion has shifted from one where it was cool to be cruel to now, where it’s cool to be kind.’



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