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Wearing Necklaces with Scarves

In winters, we often find ourselves in situations where all the layering elements might somewhat deter you from making use of your jewelry box to its optimum. Our love for jewelry drives us to find ways to style it and make sure it remains as relevant in our winter outfits as compared to any other time of the year. One essential element of our winter dressing is scarves – owing to their versatility, function and the power to add character to an outfit – they are undoubtedly an indispensable winter accessory. But that does not mean that you need to ignore your love for necklaces. This blog post is inspired by one such winter morning, when getting dressed for work, one realized that there are various ways you can justify both – necklace and scarves and we thought to share the same.

The fact remains that accessories of any kind are extremely important to get a finished look and feel done. It’s that detail that they add to your look that makes it what it is – put together and expressive.
We worked on some interesting combinations of draping the scarves and choosing the right necklace to go with it for this blog post.

Drape at Ease
One of the easiest approaches and something we all are already familiar with. Drape your scarf around your neck from back to the front so that both the ends of the scarf are hang down in the front. Add a necklace and the look is ready. The style works with most of the styles of the necklace – long, choker, collar and pendant. You can also take this as an inspiration when you are styling your dupattas.


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Shawl Drape with a Statement Necklace
Wrapping yourself with the scarf in a way that keeps you warm and shows the textures of the scarf is another common approach. You can definitely add a necklace to this look by opting for a big chunky statement piece. This ensures visibility of the necklace even through the drape while adding an interesting dimension to your outfit. The look is inspired by how you take your shawls.


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Shoulder Drape with Pendant Necklace
Take the scarf from back to front around your neck. Take the longer end of the scarf and drape it around your neck and put it over the opposite shoulder. Since, the look covers up your neck, one needs to balance it by a slightly longer necklace. A pendant necklace is a simple addition that doesn’t interfere too much.


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Necklace Drape Layered with Collar Necklace
Drape the scarf like a necklace – we take this inspiration from the old school Hollywood style. Achieve the style by folding the scarf into a triangular form and tie the ends behind your neck, adjust the drapes and layer a collar necklace on top of it. Not only does the collar necklace gets visibility but it settles the drapes of the scarf as well.


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Side Bow Knot with Layered Necklace
A bow knot always adds a glamorous angle to the look and definitely becomes the focus of the look. A statement by itself, the drape looks the best when the bow knot sits on one side. Adding a long necklace balances the two while justifying visibility. Add to all the drama by layering another necklace but only if you want to!

scarves side bow knot long necklace

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These interesting combinations are sure to leave you inspired. Scarves make a huge difference to your outfit so experimenting with various drapes not only takes your look up by a notch by adds to the fun of dressing up as well.

Styling & Photography – Raagini Murada

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