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Balancing Make-Up with Jewelry featuring Ruby’s Organics

All the dressing up elements together contribute to a look – make-up and jewelry are integral building blocks of achieving a desired look and the process of dressing up. The key to achieve a look that works for you is by balancing all these elements. So bold make up is often balanced by minimal jewelry and it works the other way around too. The two always end up working in tandem, whether it is your everyday approach to dressing up or you are dressing up for an occasion.


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We collaborated with Ruby’s Organics to decode a few everyday soft looks that you can take inspiration from. Why Ruby’s Organics? This homegrown make-up brand is all about toxic free make-up that is created from organics and natural ingredients. That really got our attention at Zariin and we thought we must explore the interplay of the colours of their organic make-up with the hues and gradations of our uncut natural gem stone jewelry.


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For this blog post we collaborated to define the make-up to choose for if you are in the mood for minimal delicate jewelry.
Here are a few points to keep in mind:
1. Before you apply any pigmented colour to your lips, it is important that your lips are smooth and well hydrated.
2. Since, the jewelry is understated, one can definitely play with lip colours in the shades of berry, coral or dusty pinks. It is important to pick a shade that works well with your skin tone.
3. Whenever, you want focus on your rings, it always helps to opt for muted manicures in nude subtle shades. The overall impact is polished and it remains relevant irrespective of your outfit and is just right approach to grace your work wear.
It’s helps to decode your everyday routine because that is the routine you adopt for the major chunk of time. Experiment and see what works for you and figure out your steps so that the daily nuances of looking well put together almost come naturally to you.



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Image Courtesy: Ruby’s Organics

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