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Zariin at Select Citywalk

Shopping from the virtual world has its perks – this world is your haven and almost everything that you need or desire can be shipped out to you at your doorstep. The shopping movement by the virtue of the internet is an addictive affair which results in incredible joy when your package finally arrives and you unbox it. Internet holds a major chunk of the Zariin selling model and the label was perhaps one of the first few ones to try and sell through a website and reach out far and wide. The one thing we have learnt about this virtual world is that it is extremely dynamic – things change and they change fast. While, we are blessed to be living and exploiting this virtual world to our favour – the old school person within us agrees that nothing really can take over or replace the joy of shopping for fashion and in particular jewelry in person. And nothing can replace the sheer impact of meeting the Zariin women in person and learn aspects of our creations through pure interaction. This was the biggest motivation for us to dedicate the whole month of March to interactive shopping and therefore, we have set ourselves up at perhaps one of the most popular shopping spot in our home city – Select Citywalk.

zariin at select citywalk

With our office situated in the same vicinity, we have always devoured the energy and the vibe at Select Citywalk. With a great retail scape, an attractive mix blending best of all worlds, ever growing cosmopolitan crowd, the mall is always buzzing with energy and perhaps reflective of what the Delhi shopper is looking for today – the right mix of everything. It was therefore, the perfect place to establish ourselves for a month and experience the realms of concrete retail.

customers select citywalk

jewelry zariin select citywalk

select citywalk popup zariin

Zariin is at Select Citywalk for the entire month of March. Do stop by and share the joy with us.
We are thrilled to be finally doing this!

Meanwhile, for everybody who cannot visit us here in Delhi, we always have our website! The world is our shell and we are going to make the best of both worlds.

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