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How to Wear Jewelry with Turtleneck Outfits

The cold weather days come with chic dressing, impeccable layers and a smart turnout. The coats and jackets add so much crispness to your look. However, the intense dressing also comes with the challenge of styling your jewelry in a way that doesn’t hamper or irritate you by getting tangled up in the lot. We identified one very specific challenge people face if they want to add a dose of jewelry – turtleneck neck outfits. Turtlenecks are a staple to winter dressing as they add an element of cosy to your look. But how does one style jewelry with these?
The trick lies in picking the right kind of jewelry.

Opt for Longer Necklaces
A long necklace adds an interesting fashion look. Turtleneck outfits are by themselves a statement and adding a longer necklace works as a balancing element to the look. The look is stylish and doesn’t interfere with the high turtleneck but only adds to it. We’ve added a brooch to take the look one step further.

long necklace turtleneck

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winter styling turtleneck long necklace

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Drop Earrings
Adding a pair of drop earrings is always a good idea to accessorize a turtleneck outfit and the simplest way to do so. One can also add a simpler necklace but that could be optional.

drop earrings with turtleneck

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Bold Studs
One of the most effortless and non interfering forms of jewelry, studs are a natural choice to grace turtlenecks. Add a simpler necklace to complete the look.

stud earrings turtlneck

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turtleneck orange peel earrings

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Rings or Bracelets
Rings and bracelets are optional but adding those definitely make your look more interesting. It can pay to go that extra mile.

bangle with turtleneck

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Adding jewelry can instantly transform turtleneck outfits from cosy to glamorous. All it takes is picking the right piece to do so!

Styling : Raagini Murada

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