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Aanchal Rai Styles Zariin

Jewelry comes to life and takes its best form when it is on a wearer. Every person gives a new meaning to a piece by wearing it their way. It is indeed true that a piece of jewelry never looks the same and its impact changes with the person who wears it. That’s the reason why we all have our own jewelry styles as well. With time we have realized how a piece can look completely different on different people. Recently, we collaborated with Aanchal Rai who perfectly lent us her aesthetics and styled our jewelry for two incredible looks. We have been following Aanchal’s work for a while, and were looking to create something together.

aanchal rai zariin

Layering with Classics Lite
For the first look, we wanted to explore layering of the Classics Lite jewelry. The jewelry from this collection can be best defined as something minimal, delicate and raw. We wanted to play it up and magnify the mood by stacking and layering while keeping the rawness intact. Aanchal picked a linen outfit from The Summer House. Linens have always worked well against the gold and raw aesthetics of Zariin aesthetics of uncut stone jewelry.

zariin classics lite aanchal rai

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aanchal rai layering stacking jewelry

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aanchal rai look layering

aanchal rai classics lite ring stacking

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Pearl Kissed Redux for Everyday
For the second look, we wanted to use occasion appropriate jewelry from our Pearl Kissed Redux collection and style it for more everyday, wearable looks. Asserting the fact, that occasion jewelry should not be limited to occasions. By the mere virtue of styling and balancing the right pieces with right outfit, these pieces can be pretty perennial. We left it to Aanchal to take this forward and the look she came up with was most certainly something we were looking for. She styled these dressy pieces with a white collared cotton shirt dress – a contrast on so many levels and it worked!

aanchal rai pearl kissed redux

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aanchal rai statement ring

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aanchal rai wear jewelry everyday

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aanchal rai shirt dress

It always pays to keep exploring elements of your existing wardrobe and mix-n-match. You will realize that just by creating various permutations and combinations you get so many more outfits off the same.
Aanchal Rai is a freelance stylist and content creator at Doodlage.

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