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Stepping Out of Comfort Zone with Mohika Sharma

There’s a thing we have realized – that not everybody’s personal style is jewelry centric. Being a part of the Zariin team – it is inevitable that jewelry often comes up in most of our conversations with other women. These conversations often reveal affiliations of women towards this accessory – some cannot live without experimenting with a piece or two on everyday basis and there is also a category of those who prefer to stick to basics. For our recent Style Shoot, we shot with Mohika Sharma – Anchor and Assistant Producer for NDTV Hop Live. Mohika Sharma belongs to latter category – she is someone whose only relationship with jewelry is her diamond studs and a pendant necklace. Shooting with Mohika was a style project for us to charter beyond her jewelry territory of basics. We have always believed that jewelry is a good starting point if anyone wants to experiment with their personal style.


mohika sharma mamta and vidhi

How would you describe your personal style?
I definitely have a wardrobe of multiple personality traits but it’s essentially casual, comfortable outfits with subtle colours, occasionally with a pop of bright colour.

What are the staples of your work wardrobe?
It’s definitely a pair of denims or pants with a nice blouse/sweater but I get dressed at work because of my shoots so it keeps changing every day.

Your relationship with jewelry?
I have a very limited relationship with jewelry because I am often skeptical of trying bold, chunky pieces.

If you had to pick three jewelry pieces to wear everyday – what would those be?
I wear a pair of very small diamond studs and a delicate necklace. Besides that I would wear a nice, simple bracelet.

Your favorite Zariin collection?
Absolutely love the Classics Lite

We worked with two looks for a more experimental approach to Mohika’s basic jewelry style.

The first look was closer to her personal style where in we picked lighter jewelry pieces but experimented with layering and finished the look with an oversized pair of stud earrings and a ring to accessorize the classic denims with white tee look.

mohika sharma work staples

mohika sharma details look

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mohika sharma ring details

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The second look was a more experimental approach for her for which we styled her floral dress with three bold statement making pieces – a necklace, ring and earrings. Each piece with its strong hard-to-miss character.

mohika sharma floral dress

mohika sharma statement jewelry

mohika sharma floral outfit details

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If you happen to identify with this category, then we’d say that jewelry makes a great starting point if you are looking to experiment with your personal style.

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