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10 Items of Jewelry Every Woman Must Own

Having a variety in your jewelry box always helps. Every outfit demands different kinds of jewelry depending upon the character and style of the outfit and sometime, you need the variety only to satisfy your moods. A well curated box of jewelry makes dressing up and the finishing touches to it very effortless and a whole lot of fun. We list 10 such pieces that every woman must own and will add a timeless value to your jewelry box.

Gold Necklace
A pretty basic gold necklace is one of the key pieces you should definitely include in your collection. It’s very everyday, versatile and adds that perfect dose of fun when you don’t want to keep your neck bare.

Pearl Earrings
Pearls are perhaps as essential as diamonds. Graceful and polished, the new age pearl jewelry is extremely refreshing, creative and modern. With baroque pearls as the hottest trend the world over, you wouldn’t regret investing in one such pair for yourself.

pearl earrings must have
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Gold Bangle
Another basic – a plain gold bangle goes a long way in your jewelry box. It’s the kind of jewelry that works with most of the categories of your wardrobe covering casual, business, occasion or party dressing.

Stackable Rings
A fairly modern trend has now become almost basic. Stacking rings are fun, easy and so very effective. You can mix-n-match various aesthetics to create a look that’s all about you. The rings add abundant character to your hands and add to the expression of your look.

must own jewelry
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Cocktail Ring
The big old ring has and will always remain to be an eternal favourite and a classic. Cocktail rings promise drama, attention and boldness to whatever you grace it with. You can never have too many and these are truly every jewelry collector’s delight.

Statement Earrings
Oversized and dramatic statement earrings come with a unique quality of taking care of your accessorizing need all by themselves as most of the times these are all you need to take your look from basic to wow! You definitely need a few of these to feel all dressed up in an instant.

Chokers always grab a whole lot of attention and add immense amount of smartness to your look. Certain necklines only demand a choker therefore, it is essential to invest in one or two key pieces that spell your taste while accessorizing.

Pendant Necklace
Pendant necklaces come in abundant variety. The key is pick different pieces of varying lengths that can also be layered together when you want more out of your pieces.

simple pendant necklace
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Stud Earrings
Stud earrings are effortless and extremely smart form of jewelry to adorn. Crisp and to the point – this accessory is a must have in every curation. The key is to try on various sizes and see what works for your face.

stud earrings basics to own
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Link Necklace

Trendy and modern, the link necklaces are one of the hottest kinds to own right now. The classics aesthetics make it very versatile. Zariin’s version captures the raw essence of uncut natural semi precious stones and is a bestseller!

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