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Fabulous Summer Jewellery and Ways to Beat the Heat

Every season comes with its challenges and joys. The key is to do everything that helps you deal with it in the right ways and make the most of the time. We have had a long summer that has left us looking for some fun ways to tackle it. If you happen to live at a place where the seasons are distinctive, you’ll definitely relate to this. Along with it, we’ve also picked some lovely summer jewellery that make perfect options for the season.
Listing some inspiring points to bear the heat and some summer jewellery of course!

Summer Jewellery
While one of the main highlights of any season is the fashion choices we make accordingly – one can have a lot of fun with jewellery as well. Our summer jewellery pick would be Turquoise studded jewellery and floral inspired jewellery.

The earrings are available on special request

The vibrant blues of the Turquoise are just what you need to bring that dose of coolness you need. Visually, it adds a pop of colour and freshness to your outfits. Zariin options which come in combination with pearls are just perfect for summer dressing up days.

pearl summer jewellery
The ring is available on special request. Shop the ring and stud earrings

Florals have always remained a classic summer jewellery choice and you can take this obsession forward with some floral inspired jewellery as well. Zariin’s version comes in the form of the Florets collection. Easy hoop earrings and light pendant necklace are some great picks.

floral summer jewellery
Shop the Florets collection

One can’t stress enough on how crucial this is. Every health guide prompts you and is focused on ample hydration to keep your body temperatures in check. One can make this a whole lot more interesting by opting for hydrating fruits and summer drinks apart from water of course.
Citrus fruits and seasonal fruits have to be included in your daily diet.
Refreshing cool beverages are a great way to cool off.

Summer jewellery from Classics Lite
Featuring jewellery from Classics Lite
delicate summer jewellery
Bracelet is available on special request. Shop the Rings.

Self Care
The harsh summer sun has its way with the skin. Indulge yourself with a proper skin care routine and ample protection to steer away from the harmful effects. Cooling skin packs and sheet masks are worth investing in. We have featured Laneige’s Original Ampoule Essence – White Dew.
The heat can have drying effect on your hair as well. Try going that step further in the care process. We recommend hydrating overnight conditioner by Rene Furterer.

statement summer jewellery
summer jewellery picks

Always have a mild fragrance bottle on you in your bag. Comes in handy and also works as an instant mood lifter.
Pastel or white manicures further add to your summer style story.

If you find that jewellery is irritating your skin, it helps to opt for single statement pieces. Wear them in the way that there is minimum contact with the skin.

statement necklace is perfect summer jewellery
Featuring Stones and Sticks Necklace

We would love to know your recommendations for the season.

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