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How to Style Jewellery with Stripes

Stripes are an eternal summer trend and find a way back into our wardrobes seasons after season. A classic, simplistic print in refreshing combinations adds a bold take to dressing up. We all have a striped shirt we love purely because of its effortless vibe that is so occasion neutral. We often find ourselves wearing this print not only to work but casual and formal moments alike. Therefore, jewellery plays a crucial role in setting the mood of your look and so we decided to bring forth some styling options to wear jewellery with stripes. We’ve picked one striped shirt and have played with various looks by the virtue of jewellery.
Stripes on Stripes
For a look with a graphical take, we pick jewellery with stripes to style the striped shirt. Jewellery from our Boss Lady collection plays with the stripe-d effect using alternating bits of metal and stone. The look is polished and spells effective statement making. We have picked a pair of chic drop earrings to play with the overlaying look.

striped jewellery with stripes
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boss lady earrings with stripes
Earrings are available on special request

Long Necklace with Baroque Pearl
The whites of the baroque pearl lend a pristine touch and is one of the biggest international jewellery trends right now. It’s the perfect summer pick and when set in a long necklace makes it the go-to jewellery with stripes. Since, the striped shirt we have picked has a collar, a long necklace tends to sit well without creating visual confusion.

long necklace with stripes
The necklace is available on special request.

Bold Earrings
A spectacular pair of bold earrings work as the perfect contrast to the statement making striped print. This makes a stylish piece of jewellery with stripes. An oversized pair is what you need to pick when you want to dress up things. Finish the look with a bright lip colour for that on point evening summer look.

bold earrings with stripes
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earrings with stripes
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Delicate Necklace with Stripes
Certain looks demand you to keep it understated yet stylish by focusing on just the boldness of the striped print. Adding a delicate necklace is just what you need to do for a polished approach. Adding a piece of jewellery always enhances the details and adds value to your personal dressing. A delicate pieces makes the right jewellery with stripes in such a case.

Collar Necklace
Wearing a collar necklace under the shirt’s collar with only a segment showing is one of our favourite ways to style our bold necklaces on everyday basis. This is a fabulous styling trick that makes sure you use your necklaces to their optimum without limiting them to just the occasions. We pick an all gold floral piece to grace the collars of the striped shirt. All gold works beautifully against the character of the stripes.

The above mentioned ways are some effective ways of styling jewellery with stripes and taking more mileage of not just your shirt but jewellery as well.

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