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Simar Walia Styles Zariin

As jewellery designers we have always been fascinated by the shape, form and mood our jewellery takes depending on its wearer. It changes its look irrespective of the inspiration or the idea we conceived it from. Every Zariin woman gives her own meaning and look to the piece making it a true variable. Which gets us to believe that all elements of fashion work in the same way. It is the personal style which defines the final look of the jewellery. And because no two people wear the jewellery in the same way, we have always tried to look for the ways in which people style our pieces and give it a new meaning in the form of different style stories. Our style shoots play with this very idea. For this month, we challenged blogger Simar Walia to give her take on the jewellery from Twilight collection.
Simar Walia took up the challenge and shared with us two strong looks distinctively different from the other. Using the jewellery from the Twilight collection she put together a casual look and contrasted it with a formal one. The first looks features an LBD and the other one sees her dazzle in the shimmer gown.

Simar Walia chooses to style the Twilight jewellery with a classic LBD. She picks lighter elements from the collection and stacks them up for easy fashionable vibe. Simple hoop earrings, a long studded necklace doubled up, stacked up rings and a bracelet finishes the look. Because she wanted to wear a whole lot of pieces together, she opted for the smaller pieces and together they create an amped up effect. The reds of the carnelians cannot be missed against the black. She brightens up the whole look with the finishing touches of a bright red lipstick.

simar walia styling lbd
Featuring Sparkle of the Sky Earrings, Lover’s Soul Necklace, Perfectly Mismatched Cuff and Stacking Rings from Twilight
layered jewellery with lbd
Featuring Sparkle of the Sky Earrings, Lover’s Soul Necklace, Perfectly Mismatched Cuff and Stacking Rings from Twilight

For the second look, Simar Walia goes the formal route with a statement rose gold shimmer gown with an interesting neckline. The well fitted off shoulder outfit is indeed a perfect canvass to add some jewellery. Simar opts for two key pieces from the collection – a collar necklace that balances the neckline perfectly and a matching pair of earrings that frame the face and contribute well to the all dressed up look. She opts for a make-up look that perfect flatters the outfit with smokey eyes and deep red lips.

Both the looks assert the fact how jewellery mostly doesn’t limit itself to a particular aesthetic and remains relevant in the wardrobe irrespective what you choose to wear. This versatility is what makes it a great style investment.

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