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Design Story – Rock Solid: Everyday Jewellery

We live in times where we hardly leave the house without a pair of earrings, a necklace and some of our favourite rings. These everyday staples play an equally important role if not more in defining your sense of style. From stackables to layering options, studs to drop earrings or your favourite pendant necklace –everyday jewellery has to pass the test of time while talk style as well. In short, we are always on the lookout for “Rock Solid” jewellery when it comes to everyday options.

Zariin introduces its latest everyday collection of raw uncut gemstone jewellery inspired by the very concept – “Rock Solid

long pendant for everyday jewellery
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The everyday collection is not only inspired by its purpose but also the use of Zariin’s iconic jewellery look of using raw gemstones. Zariin introduced this unconventional take to jewellery in 2010 with collections that challenged the existing norms of perfection and celebrated the beauty in imperfection by using the gemstones in their raw natural state to make stunning forms of jewellery. Nine years on, the look still inspires us to create modern versions of wearable jewellery.

stacking rings
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collar necklace
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These foundation pieces have been crafted using some of the most loved gemstones like Green Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Topaz and Rose Quartz. A neutral palette of the collection and the gemstones enhances versatility of the pieces. Dressed up or down, these “Rock Solid” pieces come with a promise of looking good every time and with every outfit whether it’s the basic white tee or the trendier items of your wardrobe. Dependable jewellery that will take you from one day to the next!

everyday earrings
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statement ring
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The campaign follows the aesthetics of the very concept we have in mind – easy everyday jewellery has been styled with minimal outfits. Style cannot be limited to or defined by how you dress for occasions but your daily dressing speaks a whole lot about it. So every time you want to move beyond the diamonds, think “Rock Solid” to add value to the most mundane outfits and make a statement even on your off days or that meeting at work you want to dress up for!

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  1. chirag patel says:

    Hey, your design and collection is just wow. Can’t take my eyes off. Thanks for sharing:)

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