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Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or a wedding, looking good is something you just don’t want to compromise with. We’ve always been told that the jewellery that we design works well as the perfect travel jewellery. Being ardent travelers ourselves, creating travel friendly jewellery is a huge driving force for us and one of the major factors we keep in mind while working on our pieces. With this blog post, we list a few good reasons that make Zariin the perfect option for jewellery on the go.

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Aesthetics – Zariin’s collections find inspiration from the fascinating world around us and the Zariin woman herself. Whether the aesthetics of the jewellery spell Indian, minimal or statement, the one thing that runs common with all our collections is the international appeal of our jewellery pieces which is loved and cherished the world over.

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Variety – We understand a Zariin woman’s life full of experiences. Each of these experiences demand her to dress a certain way and Zariin as a label endeavors to equip her with jewellery for every such mood and occasion.

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Inexpensive – The biggest challenger for us is the relative inexpensive pricing as compared to the likes of gold and diamond. Safety of precious jewellery always poses a huge challenge which makes Zariin’s jewellery a practical viable option without compromising on style.

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Ease of Storage – Jewellery is just one of the elements of your style story but a crucial one. An outfit is deemed bland without these accents. The best part about jewellery is that it hardly takes any space and you can easily carry it with you.

A few tips to make the most of travel jewellery and keep it safe:
a) Always carry a good mix of statement and easy pieces. You can never exactly plan what you’ll need. Over sized earrings, stud earrings, a statement necklace or two,a link necklace (because they are just so versatile!), statement rings, some stacking rings, a simple pendant necklace and a cuff bracelet are the kind of pieces you can consider.
b) Invest in a good travel pouch or a case to keep your jewellery protected. Pack your jewellery with some respect.
c) Never carry something you’re going to worry about losing. These could be pieces that are of monetary value or those you are emotionally connected to.
d) Always keep your jewellery on you in your hand baggage.
e) If you are planning a beach holiday, it is best you avoid metallic jewellery.

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