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Hottest Jewellery Trends 2019

We constantly see trends evolve and emerge around us. Whether you are a follower of this concept or not, somewhere these trends impact your buying and styling choices merely by the virtue of what is available in the market which in today’s time is largely trend driven. There’s no denying that the study of trends opens our wardrobes to a whole new aesthetic or sometimes brings back the forgotten ones in the most cyclic ways. In today’s world, trends are surfacing very quickly, almost making it impossible to keep up with them. Thankfully, such is not the case when it comes to jewellery trends. Jewellery trends change slowly and tend to last for various seasons, making them easier to adapt to them. We decode some of the hottest jewellery trends of 2019 to inspire you.

Precious Jewellery Inspired
The mentioned trend refers to the kind of jewellery that is inspired by precious jewellery but only in terms of aesthetics and not in constituting elements. The best part about getting these kind of pieces is the fact that you can get yourself a big fat variety as opposed to investing in precious jewellery which can feel limiting. The jewellery trend is also a big hit with women who want to avoid the stress of wearing expensive pieces of jewellery. Zariin’s Stellar collection has been designed on the same lines.

precious jewellery inspired trends
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Living Coral
Pantone declared Living Coral as the colour for 2019. Zariin took this as an inspiration and created a collection that heroes this colour by crafting jewellery featuring beautiful Carnelian stones. Read more about the Twilight collection here. The collection celebrates the hottest colour trend of the year.

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Baroque Pearls
We’d proudly declare that Zariin foresaw the refreshing trend of Baroque Pearls way before it surfaced internationally. We introduced the pearls with our Pearl Kissed collection and there’s been no looking back. The imperfect aesthetics of Baroque Pearls fit in perfectly with our brand story and the pearls surface regularly in our collections.

hottest jewellery trends baroque pearls
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Minimal Jewellery
Most of the people we know, tend to dress for their moods and not the trends. Even then having a few classic favourites listed as a trend always helps! One such trend is that of minimal jewellery. The jewellery trend of barely there pieces is something we just can’t get over with. We have our days of maximalism but equally balance it out with simple effective jewellery. Zariin’s latest offering in this category would be the Classics Lite and the Rock Solid collections.

Unconventional Jewellery
Zariin has been treading the unconventional path ever since its conception. The very idea of using rough uncut gemstones was something offbeat. Since then the label has mastered the art of creating unconventional pieces of jewellery with various aesthetics that have been explored through the years nailing the current trend of adorning dramatically unique pieces.

unconventional jewellery trend
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Thick Chains
Personally, we think thick chains in the forms of chunky link necklaces surpass the whole trend movement and are one of the basic jewellery pieces everyone must own. We vouch for its versatility and just cannot do without it. It’s one of the few bold pieces of jewellery which works with most of your outfits – perfectly for work and party. Link Me Up Necklace is a Mamta Gupta’s cherished piece of jewellery too!

Floral Jewellery
Floral jewellery trend is perhaps one of the most cyclic trends we have witnessed. The trend keeps surfacing in the most refreshing ways seasons after seasons. It’s a wonder what endless inspirations the nature blesses us with. Zariin’s obsession with this trend can be traced back to Florets, Gold Blooms, Indus Roots, Flower Power and the latest launch Phool’s Paradise.

floral jewellery trends
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Would you try these hottest jewellery trends this year?

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