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Floral Jewellery by Zariin

Flowers are that element of nature that have inspired creators, healers, artists, perfumers, decorators, designers and gardeners all over the world and the inspiration can be traced back to as old as the existing human history. Some will call it a clichéd but what really fascinates us is the fact that even though these make the most common inspiration point, the results are always fresh asserting how this inspiration can be translated in endless ways. We at Zariin have ourselves taken inspiration from these natural beauties for various collections and each collection turning out to be a different shade from the other. Floral jewellery is also an extremely popular trend with brides. The trend’s popularity has seen several brides go a step further and invest in floral jewellery that uses interesting materials that go beyond real flowers. Floral jewellery remains ever popular and in demand. A look at Zariin’s range of floral jewellery:

Gold Blooms
Zariin’s all gold floral collection is a delight. The all gold aesthetics are easy to style, make a strong statement, glamorize everyday dressing situations and work well with multi-dimensional Indian wardrobes. What makes the jewellery special is that each of the pieces though flamboyant are extremely light weight – a blessing for those who love to live in jewellery!

floral arm candy
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all gold floral jewellery
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Flower Power
Zariin’s floral collection that uses the technique of Meenakari for impactful detailing and colour. Traditional Indian jewellery making techniques have churned out an extremely modern and versatile collection that is all about statement making.

floral meenakari jewellery
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floral ring
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enamel statement earrings
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Phool’s Paradise
Zariin’s latest conceptual collection that is inspired by Jhelum Biswas Bose’s book Phool Proof. The jewellery is designed around native Indian flowers that also find worthy mention in Jhelum’s book for their benefits and uses.

lapel pin
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One of Zariin’s first floral collection, the collection spells high fashion and glorifies details with a “Z” monograms crafted in metal forming the base of the collection. True luxury is all about details and this collection aces it.

floral statement necklace
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detailed necklace
Notice the ‘Z’ monogram behind every single piece of this collection. Shop the Necklace


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