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Styling Stacking Rings

The jewellery trend of styling stacking rings has become huge in the last few years and refuses to fade away. Stacking rings can be defined as wearing two or more rings together to create a stack or a plan look which is more individualistic and expressive in nature. It’s a great way to get creative and personalize your approach to accessorizing. It’s one of the easiest trends to have fun with. Although, there are no stiff rules to follow this trend and you can work on endless combinations that look good, we decode a few ways you can use to approach this trend.

All Gold Stacking
One of the easiest approaches to get a stacking right is to ensure there is one common element. Here we pick the metal colour as the common element and style three all gold rings. The all gold look binds your story telling together of this stacking look which features three bold all gold rings with similar textures from our Gold Blooms collection. You can also use style these rings with simpler ones for a relatively muted approach.

all gold rings
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One Common Stone
Taking forward the same concept of using one common element – we create an interesting stacking look with rings that boast of one common stone. We pick six carnelian delights from our Twilight collection to approach this look and wear them sideways for a stylish impact. You can use two of the same rings in this look to make the look more cohesive.

one common stone
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Play of Geometry
Pick rings of different shapes and wear them together to balance them visually. To reflect this stacking concept, we have picked rings from our Stellar collection. The rings are a play of circles and lines. What binds them together is the material that asserts itself as the common element. The zircon studded rings are dipped in silver and laced with pearls.

geometric stacking rings
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Chunky Tribal Look
Stacking has surfaced as a trend fairly recently however, it is interesting to note that this style of wearing and piling up jewellery has always been typical of tribal groups. White metal looks have always been prominently used by these ethnic groups. We take style notes from these indigenous groups and pick three chunky oxidized rings from our Desert Moon collection to create a prominent stacking look. Wear one big ring on one hand and two on another.

chunky tribal look
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Stacking on One Hand
This is the most modern approach to stacking where we pile up various rings together on the same hand. Relatively simpler rings can be used to approach this style. Midi rings come wonderfully into play to break the visual monotony. The common element in most of the rings is the all gold finish and use of rough stones.

stacking on one hand
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Creative with Cocktails
Although, cocktail rings are very sufficient by themselves but if you want to further personalize the look, it always helps to add another ring. To achieve this look, we have picked an organic ring as the primary ring and styled it with a much simpler one. Both the rings feature rough uncut stones that make the look cohesive.

cocktail stacking rings
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Clearly, styling stacking rings can be approached in countless fun ways. Since, you are bringing all the attention to your hands, it helps to have manicured hands for the perfect polished look.

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