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Saree Styling – Vayati Weaves featuring Zariin

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Indian civilization is its continuity from thousands of years. The land and culture have molded itself with modern times but not without a strong reflection of the identity and nuances of the past. And that reflects in so many things around us – our food, beliefs, way of life and clothes. Saree is one of the strongest examples of this connect with the past. What’s intriguing is that sarees remain ever so relevant in the Indian wardrobes even today. The rich history of this draped garment and the passion with which it is crafted entices us at Zariin. Which is why we were thrilled with this beautiful campaign shot by Vayati Weaves styling Zariin jewels to perfection. We reveal the saree styling looks from the campaign.

saree styling campaign
Saree styling by Vayati Weaves featuring Zariin

Vayati Weaves is an initiative by Machani Group that aspires to empower weavers and revive the dying craft of weaving in Andhra Pradesh by offering weavers a 200% increase in revenue and involving them in the design process. Their initiative is to connect the weaver community to urban market.

We have always found Zariin jewellery to work fabulously with sarees irrespective of the collection Vayati Weaves approached the campaign in two ways – the first one being the modern saree look and the second one on the lines of traditional dressy aesthetics justifying the different collections of Zariin.

The first look saw minimal handloom pieces that spell minimal aesthetics and celebrate subtle-ty. Easy handloom styles have been paired with modern effortless pieces of jewellery that work equally well with your western wear. Asserting the versatility of these 22kt gold dipped delights.

saree with minimal jewellery
Modern handloom styled with minimal earrings. Featuring Discs of Love Earrings
saree with modern jewellery
Handloom sarees work stylishly with modern pieces of jewellery like this link necklace. Featuring Link Me Up Necklace.
modern indian look
A modern and organic pair of hoop earrings add sophistication to this minimal saree.
Featuring Curves of Glamour Earrings
minimal saree
Featuring Curves of Glamour Earrings

The second approach was more traditional with zari dressed sares aptly paired with Zariin’s occasion worthy but refreshing pearl jewellery. The look is rooted to Indian festive aesthetics but definitely not over powering.

festive saree look
Zariin’s pearls collections are just the kind of pieces you need to amp up your traditional wardrobe. Featuring Boldly Bridal Maang Teeka, Wed Me Pretty Stud Earrings and Glory of Tradition Nose Ring.
saree with statement earrings
Sometimes a pair of statement earrings is all you need to complete a look. Featuring Cleopatra Allure Earrings
handloom with waist belt
We definitely like to take style notes of traditional accessorizing approach. Adding a waist belt to your saree gives the silhouette some definition and adds to the story telling of the look.Featuring Ethnic Ballad Waist Belt.
gadwal handloom
Add a dreamy pair that doesn’t weigh you down. A delicate but impressionable pair of earrings is one of our favourite ways to style a saree. Featuring Cascading Spell Earrings

Though some may argue that the popularity of the garment is dwindling but we believe that is only because of cheaper and practical alternatives provided by the fast fashion giants. The unparalleled beauty, intellect, craft and ingenuity of this garment makes it pure luxury and definitely cannot be debated with but in fact is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, most of the weaves are facing an existential crisis and we are on the verge of losing the craft and techniques of human hands. Indian mystic, yogi and author, Sadhguru has stated that by ensuring one –third of your wardrobe is handloom, we can sustain our weavers.

We’d love to see your saree looks styled with Zariin. Share your posts on Instagram with #zariinjewelry

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