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Design Story – Desert Moon, Zariin’s Modern Tribal Jewellery

We imagined a scene inspired by a typical evening in a nomadic camp on the Thar Desert. After a harsh hot day, the gypsies unwind with folk music and dance. The name of the collection is derived from that beautiful evening in the Thar. The rhodium plating is depictive of the whimsical hues of the moonlit sands. The oxidized finish enhances the waves of nostalgia. The tribal jewellery collection is dressed up with ghunghroos which capture the song and dance of the tribes. The aesthetics of the collection are extremely native with high end quality where the jewellery finds a place effortlessly with everyday and occasional wardrobes alike.

modern tribal jewellery

For Rozana’s second edit, we take inspiration from the native tribes of India, the indigenous ethnic groups, their culture and significant use of silver jewellery. We pick and choose various elements of ethnic tribal jewellery and create an elevated version that is crafted in brass and dipped in premium White Rhodium polish that lasts forever! Spelling funky, arty and earthen, ethnic jewellery in India dates back to the Indus Valley civilization as revealed by the excavations from sites like Mohenjo-Daro. But what’s really fascinating is that this jewellery remains ever so relevant and one of the most fashion forward elements in the most of the modern Indian jewellery boxes even today. For there’s always a place for saved for ethnic inspired jewellery.

The collection includes a range of quirky studs, chunky earrings, glamour necklaces, exotic maang teekas, traditional nose pins and a statement haath phool. While being occasion worthy, Desert Moon, is jewellery for souls who are looking to grace their everyday outfits with statement jewellery- the subtle tones and everlasting finish of oxidized white rhodium plating make it possible to do so.

Photography- Ishita Singh, Styling – Devika Wahal, Make up & Hair – Leeview Make Up, Assistant Stylist – Raagini Murada, Clothes – Akaaro

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